YK11: Where You Can Buy It

  • calender Sep 06, 2018
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YK11: Where You Can Buy It

If one has yet to hear about SARMs or have a difficult time understanding them, then it’s a good idea to read on some basics as to what they can do.

SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a class of drugs initially made to provide the same positive benefits of traditional androgenic drugs like steroids. But unlike steroids, they have a “selective” approach in choosing the receptors they bind to. They’re also the kind that exhibits minimal to no side effects.

Anabolic Effects

A majority of SARMs aren’t known for their adverse effects. For the most part, their functionality can’t be comparable to testosterone. It’s never the case with a drug called YK11.

A researcher by the name of Kanno initially tested the C2C12 muscle cells from animals. He later found out that the muscle cells in animals can produce way more anabolic factors when they’re openly exposed to 500 nanomolecules of YK11 powder compared to DHT of the same amount.

This indicates that the YK11 can induce cells in muscle tissue, which can trigger them to produce more follistatin. This is far more than what can be ordinarily done by DHT, which happens to be a potent myostatin inhibitor.

The drug also functions on the androgen receptor. Just like testosterone, it delivers positive anabolic effects. The main difference here is that the YK11 doesn’t exhibit any negative effects.

Bodybuilding Use

Like its SARMs siblings, YK11 powder is widely popular in the fitness and bodybuilding community. The biggest reason is due to the fact that they can help one attain muscle mass and trim body fat. This is very much similar to testosterone —- without the adverse effects.

Some of the side effects that one would typically experience when taking designer or traditional steroids include liver damage, hypertension, enlarged prostate, excessive hair growth, and etc. With YK11, one will never experience such effects since it functions selectively to ensure lean muscle gains and less accumulation of fat.

Dosage Guidelines

If one wants to attain the anabolic benefits of YK11, then it’s recommended to stick with daily dose of 5mg. If one has already taken SARMs before or have been using them for some time, then they can increase their daily dose to 10mg. Keep in mind to plan the dose per cycle.

Obviously, taking a dose to extreme levels may lead to some side effects. This is one thing that all users should avoid at all cost. If one does go above and beyond the recommended dose, expect minimal positive effects.

It’s essential for one to know that YK11 should be taken in moderation. Obviously, those who have yet to try the supplement or has zero experience with SARMs should always take in a small dose.

If one is not an athlete or don’t work out as much, then don’t expect any major results after taking the drug for several weeks. YK11 should be taken if one has every intention to meet their fitness goals. That means being physically active in the gym or in other sports activities.

YK11 vs. Latest SARMS

YK11 is a compound that has significant effects in cellular assays. So far, not enough research has been published on the drug and its extensive effects on both lab animals and humans. It’s still hotly discussed online for its muscle-building capabilities.

Newer SARMs in the market such as the LGD-4033 and Ostarine are considered to be non-steroidal. These compounds lack the “four-ring structure” commonly found in androgens. When looking at traditional steroids, one will realize that they’re far less potent than SARMs and have more anabolic effects.

These days, steroids are getting a bad rep and that’s one big reason why more supplement manufacturers are doing everything they can to come up with safer alternatives to steroids. The process involves altering the structure of the steroids while preserving only its positive anabolic effects.

Safety Concerns

YK11 is considered to be a synthetic drug that gives the same benefits as steroids. One won’t have to put up with the side effects that would typically manifest with steroids.  It’s one of the biggest reasons most individuals nowadays have completely avoided steroids.

So far, the product has yet to dictate any serious side effects for the long term.


The compound belongs under the SARMs family. It attaches itself to the androgen receptors to promote anabolic benefits which can help improve one’s overall physique and strength. The main aspect with YK11 is that the increased strength it provides can lead to immense improvement in one’s workout with less fatigue in the early stages.

Aside from this, the drug can slowly alter one’s body chemistry to ensure muscle mass growth at a faster rate.


Intended Users

Any adult can take a SARM like YK11. All that one needs to do is to be physically active and understand what the supplement can do to one’s body. A lot of users taking the drug have seen and felt excellent results.

But if one is suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, then they should look into this before kicking off the cycle. YK11 will have a significant effect on any medication introduced into the body so it’s best to be cautious before suffering the consequences.

At this point, it’s still not officially confirmed if the drug can be stacked with other SARMs. The benefits it offers as a standalone product is more than enough.

A Big Help

YK11 is a SARM that can be a big help in so many ways. If one wants to see its ultimate power in building muscle and improving strength, they’ll need to give this product a try for a number of weeks before concluding anything.

The supplement can only be bought online. Most legit distributors in today’s market have made YK11 an affordable product. Even better, its pricing is far lower than that of its SARMs siblings.

For those who are constantly seeing an alternative to steroids, YK11 is one the best products that money can buy. Since it’s a SARM, expect the compound to meet the needs of a physically active and disciplined individual. Give it a try and see how the drug can be beneficial for the long term.

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