YK11 Pros and Cons

  • calender May 11, 2019
  • author by Boss Peptides & SARMS
YK11 Pros and Cons

No other compound can provide you with supraphysiological muscle growth like YK-11 Myostine. It’s a SARM that works more of a myostatin inhibitor as it binds to androgen receptors. Myostatin is a growth factor that controls the growth of muscles and tendons. As we grow older, our myostatin levels increase, making it hard for us to build more muscle and bulk. When you take YK11, it encourages follistatin expression, which in turn inhibits the release of myostatin. Before you take the compound, let’s talk about YK11 pros and cons so that you’ll know what to expect when you begin your research.


Safer than steroids

Unlike other SARMs, YK11 carries a steroidal backbone. However, despite its chemical structure, YK-11 Myostine is still safer to use compared to steroids. You won’t get water retention or gyno when you take YK-11.


YK-11 is purely an anabolic compound. It helps limit or prevent muscle wasting, which is ideal for those who are on a caloric deficit. However, that does not mean that you should take YK-11 during the cutting cycle. YK-11 is best used during the bulking cycle because you have more nutrients to help support protein synthesis.

Gains beyond your genetic limits

Our body size is pre-determined by genetics, which is why there are people who find it hard to gain weight and muscle. No matter what and how much they eat, their growth is at a painstakingly slow pace. YK-11 bypasses your genetic makeup through the action of follistatin. As a result, you have less myostatin in your body, and you’re able to build muscle at a faster pace than ever.

Increases bone density

Your bones support your entire body. Weak bones snap when they are compressed by large mass and weight. When you build muscle, it’s vital that you perform strength training to create micro-tears and trigger protein synthesis. However, part of your strength and stability comes from your bones. YK-11 also stimulates bone formation, helping your bones grow stronger and thicker. You’ll be able to lift your weights safely, prevent injury, and gain better stability.


For experienced SARM users only

Using YK-11 Myostine requires a deep understanding of how SARMs work during a cycle. It gives you gains that can be difficult to control if misused or abused. No other SARM can help you develop muscles the way YK-11 can, and the growth can be too much for you to handle or control if you do not any knowledge on SARM compounds.

Can only be used on short cycles

It’s easy for your body to build a tolerance to YK-11. The longer you take it, the weaker the effects of the compound. Also, one problem is the risk of getting joint and tendon damage. When you suppress myostatin, you also suppress collagen differentiation in tendons and joints. You gain mass, but your joints and tendons are not growing along with your muscles. This manifests as pain on your joints, which for others become painful and uncomfortable that they must take a break from the compound.

Lack of human and animal studies

There’s no proper research done on the effects of YK-11 on humans and animals. Researchers perform their studies by injecting the compound on cell samples rather than actual living organisms. As a result, there’s no established dose, half-life, as well as long-term effects of YK-11.

We are happy that you decided to buy YK-11 Myostine now. Boss Peptides advise that you take before and after bloodwork when working with YK-11. If this is your first time to take YK-11, don’t stack it with other SARMs, steroids, or prohormones. This is to help establish how your body reacts to the compound, either favorably or negatively.

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