YK11 Joint Pain: Dealing with SARM Sides

  • calender May 04, 2019
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YK11 Joint Pain: Dealing with SARM Sides

Taking YK-11 Myostine during the bulking cycle helps you build muscles beyond your genetic predisposition. It’s a potent anabolic compound that boosts muscle growth by selectively modifying the action of androgen receptors. However, unlike other SARMS, YK11 appears to be highly discriminating in binding to receptors to produce a desirable action.

How YK11 works

YK-11 Myostine acts by triggering androgen receptors for follistatin expression. Follistatin is a protein known to inhibit the action of myostatin. Myostatin, also known as growth and differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8) is found in muscle tissues. It’s your body’s limiter or choke, preventing hypertrophy of muscle fibers as you grow. The absence of myostatin was found in a German boy back in 2004 who showed unusual muscle growth, differentiation, and strength.

Reasons for YK11 joint pain

There are two main reasons why you experience joint pain with YK11.

Fast and extensive bulking

By using YK-11, you limit the action of myostatin, giving you the ability to achieve supraphysiological gains. Some researchers were able to achieve as much as 10lbs of dry muscle during a 4-week YK11 cycle. Different factors can also affect that rate of growth such as diet and level of exercise. But is it possible to get that kind of gain in just four weeks? Definitely not. Professionals know that it takes ages to get that kind of lean gain no matter how many protein shakes you take, or how intense your training could be.

That’s a lot of muscle for your bones and joints to bear in such a short period. Joint pains are common for those who gained weight fast, something that you can expect with YK11. The only difference is, instead of gaining fat, you’re gaining hard, lean muscle.

Myostatin and tendons

Research on the role of myostatin in tendons showed that myostatin was able to increase the collagen expression in mice. During exercise, there is collagen degradation post activity. You are predisposed to tendon injuries if there is no significant anabolic collagen turnover that can compensate for the degradation.

Another study revealed that that myostatin was able to increase tendon repair by stimulating tenogenesis ex vivo. Lab studies in mice showed that myostatin was able to increase the expression of scleraxis, a tenogenic marker responsible for tendon formation. This means that the suppression of myostatin greatly affects tendon repair and healing.

How to ease YK11 joint pain

The good news is that joint pain caused by YK11 is reversible. Here are some ways to help you go through the discomfort.

  • Take collagen supplements – collagen is important for tendon flexibility, formation, and repair. Since there is suppression of natural collagen expression due to the absence of myostatin, taking collagen supplements can help compensate for the decreased supply.
  • Watch your electrolytes – make sure you keep your electrolytes in proper levels, especially during exercise. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, particularly banana, avocado, sweet potatoes, and coconut water.
  • Rest – when discomfort is close to being unbearable, stop your routine and rest. Don’t wait for the pain to become unbearable as we are preventing probable tendon injury.
  • Get proper sleep – sleep is the time when your body repairs and recuperates. It also helps decrease cortisol levels to help ease joint inflammation.
  • Take Epsom salt baths – soak in Epsom salt baths to help relax your muscles, reduce inflammation, and lower muscle spasm. If you live in a small apartment, a compress will help ease localized swelling and discomfort.
  • Reduce your dose – your body may be sensitive to the effects of YK11, especially during the initial cycle. We recommend that you start with a low dose to help lessen the risk of joint pain. If you experience joint pain at the maximum dose, lower it to help ease the side effect.
  • Stack with MK-677 Nutrobal and MK-2866 Ostarine – these compounds help promote joint repair. By taking them with YK11, there may be less pain, discomfort, and swelling during your 4-week cycle.
  • Shorten your cycle – the recommended cycle for YK11 is 4 weeks. Some extend it to 8 weeks, but that is for those who are experts and are familiar with using YK11. Keep your cycle low in order to lessen and prevent joint pain. If the pain becomes unbearable, off-cycle YK11 and let your body recover.
  • Don’t stop training – keep your body active to help stretch your joints and tendons. Exercise also helps release endorphins with have anti-inflammatory properties and are capable of reducing pain perception.
  • Ease on the weights – weight can put more pressure on your joints. Lessen your load to help prevent tendon and joint injury.


Sides with YK11 are not too frequent, and they are reversible. Sides disappear once you off-cycle YK11 and do PCT. Watch your diet, observe your body, and don’t push your body to the limit in order to ease and lessen the discomfort.

YK11 shows promise in achieving bulk in a short span of time. However, caution is advised when using YK11. There’s only a mere handful of studies conducted on its efficacy and safety. What’s more, the previous studies were on cell samples and never on humans or animals. We encourage safe and responsible use of YK11 during your research to prevent complications and harmful sides.

At what stage of your cycle did you experience joint pain with YK11? What did you do to cope with the discomfort? Please share your experience in our comment section.

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