YK 11 Cycle Length for Best Bodybuilding Results

  • calender May 20, 2019
  • author by Boss Peptides & SARMS
YK 11 Cycle Length for Best Bodybuilding Results

SARMs are incredible compounds that can give you results in weeks on what would normally take months and years to achieve, especially YK11. Anecdotal reports say that they can get as much as 5lbs-10lbs of lean muscle with YK-11 in just 4-12 weeks. The secret is in its ability to go past your genetic predisposition. It inhibits myostatin, a hormone that inhibits skeletal muscle growth. It’s purely anabolic, which can help you attain dry gains and also prevent muscle wasting during a cut.

Why do you need to cycle YK 11?

YK 11 has many physical benefits, such as:

  • Muscle gains
  • Promotes strong, healthy bones
  • Increases sex drive
  • Boost weight loss through increased metabolism

You may be thinking: this is a great compound, why do I need to cycle it? Can’t I just take it throughout the year and get massive in size?

Although that would be a dream come true for some, unfortunately, you cannot take SARMs indefinitely, most especially YK 11. Imagine growing in size like a bullfrog with stiff joints? One issue that you will encounter with abuse of YK 11 is joint pain. The reason is that myostatin maintains your joints and tendons by promoting collagen formation. When you inhibit myostatin, collagen differentiation is also interrupted. Its benefits on tendon repair were seen in vitro with rabbit tissues within the first week.

Another reason for cycling is that many reported decreasing sensitivity to YK-11 the longer they take the compound. Cycling off helps you regain that sensitivity as well as lessen any potential side effects from taking the drug.

Recommended YK 11 cycle length

Most researchers and experts cycle YK 11 for 4-8 weeks. Cycling YK 11 should look somewhat like this:

There’s not much research done yet when it comes to YK 11 cycle length, so it’s best to keep your cycle short to be on the safe side. We also would like to point out the PCT cycle after using YK 11. PCT is necessary because YK 11 is suppressive and can also be hepatotoxic depending on the dose and cycle length. The longer you take YK 11, the higher the degree and risk of suppression and risk of liver toxicity.

What to expect throughout your YK 11 cycle length

Since YK 11 has no established half-life, although others suggest it’s around 6-8 hours. It’s highly recommended that you split your dose into two for best results. You’ll experience lethargy and joint pain during the course of your cycle, and you’ll see muscle gains start by the 2nd week. As you gain muscle, you’ll also notice that you have increased strength. Others also report about 5% fat loss as they take YK 11, so you’ll be able to get that defined look and see the results of all your efforts.

Cycling YK 11, so far, is the best way to gain muscle mass fast. To support your body’s development, make sure to eat sufficient and amounts of good quality protein. How do you plan to use YK 11 during your cycle? Did you do your bloodwork and prepared your body with good diet and exercise before taking YK 11? Share your prep work in our comment section!

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