Myostatin: Its Effect on Muscle Bulking

  • calender Apr 14, 2019
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Myostatin: Its Effect on Muscle Bulking

Myostatin (GDF-9) is one of the key proteins in the body regulating its growth and development. It’s like nature’s choke collar in your body, preventing your muscles from doubling in size. Myostatin is found entirely in your skeletal muscles and target mostly myoblast formation, the original cell that eventually becomes your muscle fiber.

How myostatin affects muscle growth

Muscle fibers form when myoblast cells fuse. Whenever you exercise and lift weights, you from micro tears that stimulate your muscles to create new muscle fibers. New muscle fibers form when you take a rest, which you can boost by loading your body with a high-quality protein diet and SARMs. Myostatin puts a limit on the action of myoblasts, preventing them from proliferating at an abnormal rate as your body heals. As a result, you only get the right amount of muscle growth to compensate for the micro tears produced by your work out.

Inhibiting the action of myostatin

Myostatin is beneficial for those who wish to prevent abnormal hypertrophy of muscles. However, it’s a choke for those who want to bulk up in size. By inhibiting the action of myostatin, you can experience fast development in muscles as well as an increase in strength.

You can observe the effects of myostatin inhibition in Belgian Blue and Piedmontese cattle that exhibited double-muscle appearance. There is also a report of a German boy with muscle hypertrophy due to mutation of a myostatin-producing gene.

Myostine YK-11 action on myostatin

Myostine YK-11 is a SARM that allows rapid development of muscle mass. It’s a popular anti-catabolic compound that blocks the activity of myostatin in muscle tissue through the production of follistatin. When follistatin levels rise, your muscles are able to grow at a rapid rate that you won’t usually get from other SARMs.

YK-11 is well-known compound in athletes because of its anabolic properties on muscle and bone tissue. As you build muscle mass, you also enforce bone strength. Anecdotal reports show that athletes can gain as much as 10lbs of lean muscle mass in a typical 8-week cycle of Myostine.

This increased muscle bulk helps you push your body even more. Along with it comes the increased capacity to lift heavier weights than your regular workload. This drives your body into anabolism further, giving you more room for muscle bulking.

Myostine in action

The effects of YK-11 Myostine stays even post cycle. This means you will continue to experience growth even after taking the last dose of Myostine. It’s so potent that it’s not advised to stack it along with other SARMs.

Myostatin is useful in keeping your body’s growth in check. Imagine how you would look like if you bulk up daily at an alarming rate when you do your strength training. However, it can be a problem if have a genetic predisposition to have small muscles that refuse to develop even with calorie loading and strength training.

YK-11 helps you go beyond your body’s limits. By taking YK-11 Myostine, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits such as increased muscle and bone strength, improved endurance, and lowered catabolism.

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