Best Time to Take YK 11 For Bodybuilding

  • calender May 27, 2019
  • author by Boss Peptides & SARMS
Best Time to Take YK 11 For Bodybuilding

When you’re prescribed with medicines, your doctor gives you instructions on when to take the drug. If you miss the right time, there’s a risk of the drug losing its effect. The same goes for SARMs, even if you’re using it on your perfectly healthy body. When you read information about YK-11, most of them say you have to take 5-10mg of the SARM per day. However, when is the best time to take YK-11 for you to experience its full effect?

In the morning

You should take the compound in the morning so that it runs through your system as you do your activities. Taking YK-11 regularly during the morning helps you establish a routine that will keep the compound present in your system throughout the day. You should observe this if you are busy with your tasks. Following this is better than basing your dose on anything else.

With meals

Because there’s not much information known about YK-11, it’s best that you take the compound with meals. Some compounds cause an upset stomach when taken on an empty stomach. This is also to prevent other stomach complications, such as:

  • Indigestion
  • Stomach inflammation
  • Ulcer
  • Nausea/vomiting

Taking it with meals also means your body can better digest YK-11 along with the food for better absorption. You don’t have to eat a full meal to take your YK-11. A pack of crackers, an apple, or a salad can be enough to protect you from any digestive problems.

30-45 minutes before working

YK-11 is known to give a burst of energy and strength that can help you drive your workouts. When taken on the right dose, YK-11 is also reported to help improve cognitive function. You’ll be able to do your workouts longer, and there’s less chance of encountering brain cloud as you do your workout. You’re more mindful about your form, lessening your risk of getting a workout-related injury.

1 hour before or 30 minutes after brushing

If you forget your second dose of YK-11, make sure that you take it an hour before you brush your teeth. Boss Peptide compounds come in oral drops, which means you have to drop it on your tongue to ingest the compound. What’s going to happen if you brush your teeth immediately after taking YK-11? There’s a risk that most of the compound will get washed away when you spit out and gargle. It’s like spitting money down the drain.

If you want to get the best out of YK-11, you should consider the proper dosage and timing based on your activity as well as its half-life. What you need is to keep the compound present in your bloodstream so that it continues to work on your muscle.

What is your timing when you take YK 11? How do you feel when you miss taking it at the right time?

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