Benefits of YK-11 Myostine

  • calender Apr 12, 2019
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Benefits of YK-11 Myostine

Myostatin is a muscle growth inhibitor, a type of protein released by the body to prevent further muscle growth. Myostatin levels increase as you grow older, and possibly contribute to muscle loss brought about by advanced age. By taking YK-11 Myostine, you push your body past its threshold which, in essence, allows you to grow more muscle and prevent loss of muscle mass.

Benefits of YK-11 Myostine

Myostine is famous among bodybuilders as one of the most potent SARMs on the market. Through limited studies, it’s been found that Myostine may act as a myostatin inhibitor. In effect, it halts the degeneration of muscle mass and lets you go beyond your genetic limitations for muscle growth. Benefits of YK-11 Myostine include:

Increase in Follistatin levels

Follistatin suppresses the action of myostatin in protein synthesis. By taking Myostine, there is over-expression of follistatin which leads to the indirect inhibition of myostatin. As a result, there is a substantial increase in muscle mass as well as muscle hardening. As you cycle Myostine during your bulking phase, the more you increase your follistatin levels for continuous muscle growth. Anecdotal reports state that users experience up to 15lbs of muscle gain and considerable body fat post cycle.

Increased muscle strength

DHT derivatives are known to increase strength and hardness in muscles. As a DHT derivative, there’s a possibility that it can work as other derivatives in improving muscle strength. Studies also show that muscles have more anabolic factors in the presence of Myostine.

Increased bone strength

Myostin binds to androgen receptors in bone tissues, stimulating the increase of bone strength. When YK-11 increase the levels of protein kinase B, it signals the body to increase the production of bone cells. Bone health is essential during bodybuilding to prevent bone injury and fracture, especially during deadlifts. Taking Myostine may potentially benefit those who suffer from muscle and bone weakness.

Better endurance

Lab studies showed that myostatin inhibition improved muscle endurance in aged mice. By increasing muscle mass through reduction of myostatin, your body has a better capacity to burn carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy through glycolysis. Due to the improvement in muscle fiber metabolism, your body will experience increase in fatigue resistance.

Prevents muscle mass loss during cutting phase

In research studying the effects of myostatin in muscle wasting, data revealed promising results in treating cachexia and muscle wasting disease. Myostine promotes muscle growth by blocking the action of myostatin and Follistatin expression. Its anabolic effects help prevent muscle loss due to caloric deficit.

To enjoy the benefits of YK-11 Myostine, experts advise that you take 10-15ml daily during your bulking and cutting cycles. However, PCT is a must after cycling Myostine due to suppression, joint pain, and hair loss. There’s not enough conclusive clinical trials or studies on humans and animals to establish the efficacy of Myostine. Therefore, it’s a must that you filter anecdotal reports until there are established and proven human trials.

Still, Myostine shows excellent promise in muscle and strength building. If you have questions about the use of YK-11, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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