SARM 101 Cycling Dos and Don’ts Part 2

  • calender May 08, 2019
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SARM 101 Cycling Dos and Don’ts Part 2

Yesterday we talked about the dos or what actions you should take when you first take your SARM cycle. Cycling SARMs is vital because you want to take advantage of your body’s sensitivity to the compounds as well as minimize the risk of sides.  Now we’ll discuss SARM cycling don’ts when you use your peptide.

Continuing even in the presence of sides

Although some report few to little side effects with using SARMs, there are still others who have an unsatisfactory experience with them. Common sides experiences from different SARMs include

Other general side effects include:

  • Abnormal hair growth (women)
  • Change in libido
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Nausea and vomiting

These reports are rare, and documented sides are few because there are not enough clinical studies in humans about SARMs. However, if you experience sides that are stronger or more than what is listed here, stop your cycle and consult your doctor.

Go above the recommended dose

Each SARM has a specific dosage recommendation because they vary in strength and half-life. As a beginner, you haven’t had any of these compounds yet inside your body. Just like medicines, taking more than the recommended dose means getting more side effects and harm rather than good. Same goes with SARMs. One of the reasons why clinical trials of SARMs ceased is the presence of abnormal cell development or even cancer in lab rats. These rats were given massive doses for extended periods. Some also developed irreversible liver damage. Make sure that you stick to what expert researchers recommend for each SARM, especially during stacks.

Extend your cycle

When you take SARMs, you’ll be changing the way your receptors work, going past and beyond genetics in order to gain muscle and burn fat. During your first cycle, you’ll experience sensitivity, and you’ll be able to feel its effects. The gains are great, and the fat burning is phenomenal! Let’s extend the cycle and achieve more! That’s okay, right?
Unfortunately no. You cannot extend the cycle for a couple of reasons:

  1. You’ll build tolerance fast. Some researchers report that the effects of SARMs dwindle down when the cycle goes beyond 12 weeks or more.
  2. The risk of sides is higher. The longer you take the compounds, the more they build up in your system causing unknown effects.
  3. There’s the risk of receptor damage. Remember that SARMs bind and alter the natural function of your receptors. You could potentially damage them and cause them to function irregularly.
  4. Risk of suppression. Some SARMs have a potential of causing suppression, which may be reversible after cycling or may require PCT.

The conclusion of having a cycle length average of 4-12 weeks came about after anecdotal reports from other researchers. This means that these exchanges were not documented and officially published in journals. Stick to the recommended cycle length to prevent unexpected and permanent complications.

Neglecting your log

You may be thinking: Logs are boring, tedious, and seriously not fun. It takes away the thrill of the ride of enjoying your SARMs effects. You’re using SARMs to take advantage of their effects, not to take part in a scientific research study.

However, logs are essential both for newbies and experts. You’ll be able to study how your body reacts to the compound. We’ve read some exciting records and most of them start with almost zero to minimal effects during the first two weeks. But once SARMs start kicking in, the gains are awesome. Unfortunately, some also experience sides. The good thing about logs is that you can see how much positive gains you’re achieving, as well as how the sides increase in severity during the cycle. This way they were able to adjust their dosages accordingly and modify their cycles as needed.

Make sure you create a log that includes but not limited to which SARM you took, your base weight, body fat index, BMR, and the intensity of training you’re doing.

Ignoring bloodwork

Blood work is essential when taking SARMs because of their potential risk of damaging your liver and kidneys. Although very few reported kidney and liver problems, some were able to notice the effects of SARMs thanks to their blood work.

Some forget (or ignore) blood work and just continue with their cycle. Then comes a regulated general checkup, and they will see elevated kidney and liver enzyme levels as well as suppression. There’s also an increase in cholesterol levels for others. Now, how will you know if these results came from using SARMs or from an underlying health condition? You will never know since you did not invest in pre-cycle blood work as your baseline data.

Blood work is expensive, but it can save you in the long run. You’ll know how much your body is reacting to SARMs and if it’s responding favorably. Most importantly, you’ll know if your body is healthy enough to take the compound.

Ignoring expert consultation and advise

In line with the previous statement, expert consultation is essential before, during, and after taking SARMs. The can tell you the best dosage to take as well as the cycle you can run based on your age, physical capacity, health status, as well as your blood work. Diet is also important during SARMs. You should ask a dietician what’s the best diet for you as you take SARMs based on your fitness goals.

These practices can harm your body and make your cycle an epic failure if not hard to accomplish. Always consult your doctor, follow the recommended dosages, and don’t forget to log your progress. Your blood work is also essential to give you a general idea of how your body is at the start of your cycle.

What were your mistakes on your first cycle that you want newbies to avoid? What happened to you when you failed to prep yourself during your SARM cycle? Please share your advice as well as questions in our comment section

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