Terms of Purchase & Use

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  1. Age – All viewers of our website content must be 21 years of age or older. By accessing our website, you agree that you are of sufficient age. We may ask certain individuals for photo I.D after they place an order if we suspect a violation. Violators of this rule will have their IP address(s) permanently banned from our web server.
  2. Content Disclaimer– Information is solely for entertainment purposes only.
    All of the information on our website is not guaranteed to be accurate or up to date. While we try our best to keep content as accurate and up to date as possible, we do not guarantee this. Bosspeptide.com information not intended to be medical or legal advice.
  3. Privacy-We utilize cookies on our website. These cookies are for traffic analysis only and will only be used for activities relating to running the URL bosspeptides.com. Read more on our Privacy Policy here.
  4. User Accounts-Users of our accounts must follow all rules in terms of use. The account holder is must be the only person who accesses or views its contents. Data within the account belongs to the authorized user and may not be viewed by a third party. We reserve the right to terminate access to a user account at any time for any reason.
  5. Site Access-We may terminate access to any visitor at any time for any reason via IP address blocking.
  6. User Content-We may allow site visitors to comment or review on pages. Approval of this information is subject to moderation.
  7. Affiliates-Affiliates and bulk clients are subject to rules of each program. Rules and regulations of each program are subject to change. Affiliates and bulk customers may have accounts terminated at any time for any reason.
  8. Email and Subscribers-Subscribers to our email list are the intended recipient of any promotional offers or information delivered from our email. This is also applicable to non-subscribers who are sent updates about their order or users contacting us. By ordering or subscribing to our list, you agree to accept mail for the intended use by our company. These rules are applicable to other accounts and contacts such as phone subscription and calls about an order.
  9. Communication-Users agree to not ask questions that may violate our terms of use or purchase. Users may not communicate relating to human or animal use. Violations may result in a verbal warning or revoke of access via IP restriction.

Terms of Purchase

  1. TOU-All applicable rules in the above terms of use agreement apply to a customer of our products. Please read the above section to determine if applicable rules apply.
  2. DisclaimerCustomer takes the liability of the sale. By purchasing any of the products for sale on bosspeptides.com, the customer confirms they have read and accepted all rules within our disclaimers, Terms of Use and Terms of Service agreements. Our disclaimer is located on product pages and in the footer of bosspeptides.com.
  3. Age-Must be 21 or older to buy products on bosspeptides.com as mentioned in disclaimers in the footer.
  4. Storage-Storage and handling of the product once it leaves our facility and enters their control is under the liability of the client. We are not responsible for misuse by the customer including accidental or intentional mishandling by other parties in or out of customers control. By purchasing, the customer agrees that they will handle and store the product correctly and safely and that no others have access to the product. Products are recommended to be stored in a safe or above on a shelf. When handling the product proper safety wear should be used.
  5. Product Use-Customers who purchase our products agree to intended use statement. Products are not intended for human or animal consumption of any kind. “Consumption” also refers to any human or animal use within or outside the body. By purchasing, customers agree they are not intending to use for “consumption” internally or externally and accept liability for any misuse by them or other parties after they receive the goods.
  6. Payment-Customers confirm the payment method they use is theirs and theirs only. Products purchased using a payment method that is not rightfully or fully theirs is strictly against our policy.
  7. Refund-All refunds must meet the criteria of our refund policy. The 30-day refund period starts on day one of receiving the goods. Violations of Terms of Purchase or Terms of Use will result in forfeiture of the refund policy. Goods must be sent back with supplied return shipping label for a refund to be issued.
  8. Resellers-Resellers and affiliates must follow the supplied rules of their respective programs. Failure to do so may result in a legal shift of liability depending on the severity. We are not responsible for false claims, lack of warning and marketing methods outside of bosspeptides.com. Unapproved customers supplying or giving our products to another party or parties will be considered a reseller under our terms.
  9. Product-Customers agree when the product leaves our facility and enters their control that they are responsible for all applicable rules in terms of purchase, terms of use and disclaimers. They have agreed to read all applicable rules and have understood them.