SR9009 – Stenabolic

Stenabolic (SR9009) is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) alpha modifier drug that has proven to uplift exercise endurance and cures metabolic syndromes as well, according to a research.


SR9009 – Stenabolic


Sold as SARMS, Stenabolic is, in fact, a Rev-ErbA ligand. It binds to NR1D1 (another name of Rev-ErbA ligand) protein in the body and activates it.

Stenabolic (SR9009) is taken orally and often considered effective to treat various metabolic syndromes. It can be one reason it is getting more and more acceptance by athletes and bodybuilders.

Discovered by professor Thomas Burris of Scripps Research Institute, Stenabolic can be seen as one of the newest advances in pharmacology.
The compound is still under development and clinical trial are being conducted to perceive its use in reducing and mitochondrial damage and improving endurance.


In vivo animal study, the reaction of SR9009 on animals was observed as increase in basal oxygen consumption and a decrease in lipogenesis, cholesterol and bile acid synthesis in the liver. Seeing this, in future SR9009 could be used as a cure for various disorders that limit exercise capacity such as obesity, congestive heart failure, etc.


How Does SR9009 – Stenabolic Work


How Does SR9009 – Stenabolic Work

Stenabolic binds to the protein in human known as Rev-ErbA ligand, which influences various functions in the body, including inflammatory responses, fat cell’s production, burning of sugar in the liver, etc.

Since Stenabolic has the ability to enhance production of mitochondria, it improves the metabolism in the muscles.

In animal studies, Stenabolic has shown to improve the metabolic activity of the skeletal muscle in mice. It improved their strength and running ability as well. Moreover, it gave mice approximately 12% decrease in plasma triglyceride. One thing that can surprise anyone is, mice were burning calories even in the rest mode.


Side Effects


Like clenbuterol and similar drugs, Stenabolic is not an appetite suppressant. Therefore, it should not make users feel tired. Since Stenabolic is new in the market and it has not been very much used by human athletes, nothing could be said about its side effects. Still researchers are waiting for information on what kind of side effects it may have. Although SR9009 is no-hormonal and non-liver toxic yet it is advisable to use it with caution and as per guidelines. More trials should be conducted to find out its possible side effects.


Recommended dosages


The ideal dose for Stenabolic should be between 20 to 30 mgs in a day. Speaking of the cycle duration, the cycle length can be 6-8 weeks. Users experiencing any of adverse effects should stop using it immediately.


Expected Medical Uses of Stenabolic (SR9009)


As mentioned above, different studies have confirmed various health benefits of SR9009. Logically, with so many positive results, in near future, it could have varied use in medicine.  For instance, it has the capability to minimize triglycerides and plasma glucose. Therefore, it could be helpful in treating type II diabetes. Moreover, it might also be successful for the care of Sarcopenia, a disease associated with the loss of skeletal muscle mass.  A research says Stenabolic could be a promising drug to cure various metabolic disorders in the future. Further, it says, SR9009 has fat burning properties as well. Therefore, its future use to treat diseases like obesity, high cholesterol can’t be ignored. It could be proven effective for patients who are not able to perform exercise due to various reasons.


Stenabolic (SR9009) Uses in Bodybuilding


Stenabolic has already been used by numerous athletes and bodybuilders for strength, fat burn, muscle growth, etc. Many users have experienced improvements in their cardio training after using this. According to them, it improved their strength, muscle mass, and cholesterol level as well.

Apart from above health benefits, different studies say that Stenabolic could be effective minimizing the followings.

  • Plasma triglycerides
  • Total cholesterol
  • Plasma non-esterified fatty acids
  • Plasma glucose
  • Plasma insulin level




It is crucial to remember that Stenabolic is a new compound and still number of trials and studies are being carried out on the same. Therefore, the information mentioned here is solely on the basis of information found in studies. Seeing the benefits, Stenabolic can be considered as a major discovery in the modern pharmacology. Already, it has grown popular among athletes associated with crossfit and endurance sports.

However, as said above, it is the new market, a lot more research should be conducted to recognize its potential adverse effects. Since Stenabolic has potential to combine wide numbers of health benefits and no side effects is concerned yet its future use could be fruitful for treating various diseases.