The Growth Hormone Secreting Properties of SR-9009

SR-9009 (Stenabolic) has been scientifically proven to improve overall life quality of those who take it. This is a new compound in SARMs group with some unique properties. SR-9009 stimulates the Rev-Erb receptors which control metabolism and circadian rhythm in the body. Circadian rhythm is a natural process which manages several physiological processes like fat metabolism and expression of genes involved in glucose.

Regular intake of SR-9009 for at least 10 days not only shows a suppression in genes for lipogenesis and elevates expression of genes for oxidation of fatty acids and glucose. But, also boosts weight reduction, reduces fat mass, and enhance overall lipid panel (triglycerides and cholesterol).

SR-9009 is a true exercise in a bottle (exercise mimetic) which displays great potential when it comes fighting obesity and enhancing athletic performance. SR-9009 affects a number of genes and the counting is not clear or elucidated. The major issue with SR-9009 is that the oral bio availability of this compound is very low. With a range of health benefits, SR-9009 stenabolic is the next upcoming generation of endurance drugs. Overall, the research on this compound is still going on.

Some Secreting Properties of SR-9009

The synthetic Rev-Erb ligand involves a range of secreting properties and offers unlimited benefits in the body. Here are some key benefits SR-9009 offers to its users:

  • No side-effects
  • A great option to treat Type 2 diabetes
  • Enhance blood sugar level
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increase mitochondria in the muscles (replace or remove damaged mitochondria)
  • Very safe and effective compound approved by the FDA
  • Easier on the kidneys, thyroid, and liver when proper amount is
  • administered
  • Easily available online for medical/pharmaceutical research

Simply, SR-9009 reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat stored in the body and burns off glucose and fat available in muscles. SR-9009 offers many more benefits than this. Studies conducted on Stenabolic reveal that this compound has the capacity to decrease:

  • Cholesterol level by 47%
  • Plasma triglycerides by 12%
  • Plasma glucose by 19%
  • Plasma non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) by 23%
  • Plasma insulin level by 35%
  • Pro inflammatory cytokine IL-6 by 72%

The unique properties of this compound make it a valuable option in the bodybuilding industry as it promotes fat loss and endurance simultaneously. Everyone must know that although Stenabolic is often included with SARMs but technically it is a different type of compound or drug. SR-9009 offers a wide range of benefits to the users with an extra layer of potency, power, and additional actions.

Is SR-9009 Stenabolic Safe to Use?

SR-9009 has been approved by the FDA community as a very safe and effective compound. Stenabolic doesn’t contain any chemical substance which means it doesn't have any side-effects and a perfect option to use to improve overall health condition. The compound is available in powder form which makes SR-9009 easier to administer. Due to high-quality nature, SR-9009 provide effective and quick results to its users. This is a number one REV-ERB ligand compound, everyone needs to give a try once. Apart from its range of secreting properties, SR-9009 is available in the market at a pocket-friendly price.

SR-9009 side-effects

Currently, no studies have found any side-effects related to SR-9009 Stenabolic. This compound is very new and still under research. The studies show that SR-9009 has the potential to be a compound which is really safe to use with lots of amazing health benefits. Like other SARMs, SR-9009 is not liver toxic, which means there is a need for other liver supporting supplements while using this compound. N2Guard with daily SR-9009 dosage is sufficient for kidney and liver support.


SR-9009 stenabolic is a miracle of latest pharmacology with numerous health benefits. With no side-effects, it can be a great choice of users above 18 years to get health benefits. This REV-ERB ligand is already using as a performance booster and could be extremely beneficial in medicine in the future. As stated above, SR-9009 has the capability to boost metabolic function. Adjust the schedule and amount of SR-9009, take the dosage wisely for the optimum results.

Developed by the Scrips Research Institute’s professor Thomas Burris and his team, SR-9009 stenabolic is a PPAR alpha modifier compound which is still in development phase from 2015.

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