When to Take S4 Andarine

  • calender Apr 27, 2019
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When to Take S4 Andarine

GTX Inc. initiated the studies of S4 Andarine for treating osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and BPH (prostate enlargement). During the studies, researchers notice the gradual effects on muscle mass and bone density on lab mice. What’s more, S-4’s action was completely selective, not affecting any other tissue growth.

S4 soon became one of the popular SARMs in the industry. With its selective action on androgen receptors, S4 was able to boost anabolic activity similar to steroids without aromatization. Many bodybuilders like the way S4 help them achieve dry gains and toned skin, and they can feel the effects after 2 weeks of use. For beginners, targeting the benefits of Andarine can be confusing. We’ll discuss when to take S4 Andarine and plan it according to the stages of your fitness routine.

For cutting

Andarine during the cutting cycle provides you with that needed support during a strict caloric deficit. It helps increase fat oxidation and deliver ketones to your muscles for energy. This way you won’t lose muscle mass due to catabolism.

For Bulking

Although some say S4 is effective during the bulking phase because it helps you build muscles, most feel it does not work as well as other SARMs like YK11, RAD 140 and LGD-4033. It can and will provide muscle gains, especially if you’re overloading on calories. However, don’t expect dramatic changes in muscle growth. You’ll probably gain about 8-10lbs of lean muscle.

What you can take advantage of in Andarine during the bulking phase is its effect on bone mineral density. S4 exhibited an increase in bone mineral density, making it safer for you to use heavier weights.


S4 is lauded for its ability to stimulate muscular development and fat loss at the same time. What most researchers like about using Andarine for recomping is that there’s no water retention and you don’t have to stick like glue to a strict diet program.

Dosage timing

Unlike GW-1505, You can take S-4 in the morning without considering the time of your workout. For large doses, you need to split your intake into 2-3 doses per day, with strict consideration to S-4’s half-life. This usually runs between 2.5-5.3 hours, so space your intake accordingly. You take your first dose in the morning, preferably with meals, then the next dose around 3-4 hours later.

Taking S-4 Andarine does not have to follow a strict formula. You just need to think about why you’re taking Andarine, what’s your fitness goal, and the compound’s half-life. As long as you follow through with the right diet and strength training, you’ll find that Andarine will work along with you regardless of when you will take it.

When do you usually get your dose of S-4? When in your fitness routine do you take it? Please feel free to share your S-4 program in the comment section!

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