SARMs: The Best Suppliers in the U.S.

  • calender Sep 06, 2018
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SARMs: The Best Suppliers in the U.S.

There’s never a doubt that SARMs can offer fantastic results when it comes to minimizing fat loss, building muscle, and improving physical performance. Unlike other similar compounds in the market, they have very minimal side effects. The only downside they have is that they’re not openly sold in the local pharmacy.

If one is looking for the best SARMs in the market, then it’s important to pay attention to the genuine suppliers who distribute them. Since the market isn’t well regulated, one will need to ensure they get their SARMs from reputable sellers.

Purchasing supplements like SARMs can easily be done online. But it’s essential to be cautious as to where one intends to purchase them. A critical area in the purchase process should always be about product quality over quantity.

Trusted U.S. Suppliers

The following suppliers of SARMs are considered to be legit. They’ve been tested independently by buyers and have been known to be trustworthy distributors the past several years.

1.Proven Peptides

With an increasing number of buyers in the market, Proven Peptides is a legit and well-known supplier of SARMs. In fact, this distributor easily outperforms its competitors in the market right now.

Currently, the company is based in the United Sates and mostly sells its product within the nation. Just like other legit SARMs suppliers, Proven Peptides is dedicated to making products that don’t just work, but are safe to consume and has minimal to zero adverse effects.

The biggest reason why they’re highly recommended is due to how pure and high grade their SARMs are. Every batch produced is tested by an independent lab party to ensure the highest quality possible. Results from the lab are frequently posted on the company’s official website. This ensures buyers know exactly what they’re taking.

Other than making sure the quality of SARMs is consistent, the distributor also gives buyers a money-back guarantee. With this, one is guaranteed that the product being purchased is of high quality if it doesn’t meet one’s expectations. If this isn’t the case, then the buyer will receive a full refund.

Shipping within the United States of orders worth over $75 is free of charge, which further lowers the cost of the distributor’s products. Each order is processed quickly and are delivered to the buyer’s address in the shortest possible time.

Proven Peptides only offers their SARMs in liquid form. While this is widely popular among users, those who prefer the powdered version are out of luck. The company has a limited range of products although such options should meet a majority of buyers.

Positives with Proven Peptides:

-They provide high quality products.

-They offer nothing else but SARMs.

-They have a money-back guarantee scheme.

-Their products undergo strict quality control via third party lab testing.

Negatives with Proven Peptides:

-Shipping charges for orders worth under $75


This is the next best option to look for after Proven Peptides. The company provides a wide range of SARMs as well as a host of other research products.

IRC.Bio can deliver their products to just about anywhere around the world. Dispatch is quick, which is a good thing, since it won’t have to make the buyer wait for a number of weeks especially if they’re living in the United States. The fact that one can easily place their order and have their products sent to their home regardless of location is a huge benefit.

Domestic-based orders worth $300 or more are free from shipping charges. That means, one can save big on shipping costs while acquiring the bought items at a lower price. The order also comes with a free pipette and a dropper bottle. These are especially useful for newbies who want the right dose for their SARMs.

The company requires user verification to successfully process their order. This could be downer if one isn’t too comfortable offering their own personal details. With that in mind, the distributor works hard to offer quality SARMs and other research chemicals for use.

Since IRC.Bio tends to post lab results of their products on their official website, it proves that they have nothing to hide. It should give its users the confidence of purchasing their high quality chemicals.

Positives with IRC.Bio:

-They offer quality SARMs and other research chemicals.

-They offer both local and international shipping.

-Their products are rigorously tested by an independent third-party lab.

-They deliver SARMs within a short period of time.

Negatives with IRC.Bio:

-Cost of shipping for orders under $300.

3. Choice Compounds

This distributor was considered to be the one of the highest-rated companies the past few years with their SARM products. Sadly, they were forced to close down in the early half of 2018 due to patent infringements.

In terms of safety, one can be sure that the SARMs sold from the distributor is completely safe. Their products are tested by the lab to ensure maximum quality. So, expect fantastic results with little or no side effects. That is, if one adheres to the recommended dosage and instructions.

The process of ordering is easy. Simply place an online order and expect the products to be delivered in their home within a short period of time.

In addition, the supplier provides a money-back guarantee in case one isn’t content with the results.

Choice Compounds provides a wide range of SARMs in liquid solutions, which are popular among today’s buyers. In terms of pricing, the products are almost similar to each other and are a fantastic option for those who are on a budget.

When it boils down to customer service, the supplier never falls short in catering to their buyers. One can be guaranteed of receiving nothing but satisfaction for the products they’ve purchased as well as the customer service given.

Positives with Choice Compounds:

-They offer high quality SARMs in the market.

-Their products are always tested by the lab.

-Their products are sold at affordable prices.

-They have a money-back guarantee.

-They have fast delivery times.

-They offer free shipping for orders over $99.

Negatives with Choice Compounds:

-They’re relatively new in the SARMs market.

-They don’t offer international shipping.

-They’re closed for the time being.

New Suppliers

Currently, Proven Peptides is a widely popular SARMs distributor in the United States. Up until now, they’re consistently offering quality products to users all over the globe. With a plethora of new companies making headway in the SARMs market, time will only tell if they, too, can cash in while offering quality products at reasonable prices.

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