SARMS 101: Cardarine and Andarine Stack

  • calender May 14, 2019
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SARMS 101: Cardarine and Andarine Stack

Now that you know how SARMs work and have tried a couple of them solo, it’s time to level up and do stacks. Stacking is combining two or more compounds to take advantage of their unique benefits. A typical stack done is the Cardarine and Andarine Stack.

What is a Cardarine and Andarine stack?

Athletes who are after fast fat loss often create a Cardarine and Andarine stack during the cutting cycle. The stack is useful in helping you lose fat while preserving muscle. It’s an exciting combination of compounds because Cardarine is a PPARδ agonist, while S-4 Andadarine is a SARM. This means instead of to bullets firing on a target, you have two powerful weapons targeting different hit points.

How does a GW501516 and S-4 stack work?

The main cause of fat deposits in our body is due to over-supply of glucose in our body the body, which is the metabolized form of carbohydrates. When glucose enters your bloodstream, insulin helps deliver it to your organs and tissues, mainly on your muscles and liver. Low insulin sensitivity results in a fat deposition because there’s a saturation of glucose in your bloodstream due to low glucose uptake. PPARδ is the fat sensor in your body and responsible for regulating the action of your mitochondria, which is known as the powerhouse of your cells. One notable function of PPARδ is that it serves a major role in preventing displaced deposition of fat cells. Cardarine acts on PPARδ agonist to help increase fat metabolism and reduce insulin resistance. Metabolized fats are then used for energy in your mitochondria, giving you that boost of energy you won’t get from stimulants.

Now when it comes to S-4 Andarine, the compound triggers select androgen receptors and modify their action. The SARM binds to receptors that are connected to your muscle and bone tissue, promoting protein synthesis, bone formation, as well as fat oxidation. Research revealed that using S-4 on ovariectomized rats prevents bone loss as well as reduces body fats. The same research resulted in anabolic activity in muscles, increased muscle strength and bone density. However, how exactly S-4 Andarine burns fats deposits remains unclear.


Cardarine and Andarine Stack Effects

GW-501516 Cardarine provides increased fat oxidation while helping boost energy by preventing the onset of hypoglycemia during a caloric deficit. S-4 Andarine also provides energy to muscles through utilizing fat deposits but has an added effect of dry muscle gains. As a result, you will have:

  • Increased stamina
  • Boost of energy
  • Better strength
  • Muscle gains
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle hardening
  • Bone hardening
  • Preserve muscle mass even on cut

As you continue with your Cardarine and Andarine stack, you will find that you’re more grounded, mentally alert, stable on your feet and capable of going beyond your usual reps. What’s more, these compounds are not stimulants. You can push through your reps and cardio without feeling winded or experience palpitation.

Using Cardarine and Andarine for fitness

Cardarine and Anderine are effective during the recomping cycle. This means you can lose those hard-to-melt fats and build muscle at the same time. You’ll be shredding that fat around your belly, back, thighs and hips in a significantly shorter time compared to traditional methods of exercise and dieting.

The typical cycle for Cardarine and Andarine goes somewhat like the table below:

These are the recommended doses for Cardarine and Andarine. We advise that you start with a low dose before gradually increasing your intake each week. This is to help prevent your body from getting overwhelmed with two compounds acting on your receptors. Also, gradually increasing your dose helps you avoid suffering from unwanted side effects. Some will say that there are no sides when using SARMs. However, there are still those who experience different sides such as:

  • Yellowing of vision and night blindness (Andarine)
  • Liver toxicity
  • Suppression (S-4)


Cardarine does not cause suppression, and much sides like Andarine does. However, PCT is required if you stack them together because Andarine causes suppression. They work synergistically together, yes. Unfortunately, one compound does not cancel the sides of the other.

Maintain your diet and exercise during your Cardarine and Andarine stack. PED’s are great, and you can see results within 2 weeks of use. However, your body needs support for building muscles. You will still experience catabolism in the presence of compounds if you do not eat right and exercise properly.

What’s your purpose for doing a Cardarine and Andarine stack? How did the stack work for you? Please share your before and after pictures in the comment section!

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