The Role of S4 Andarine in Nitrogen Balance

  • calender Apr 11, 2019
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The Role of S4 Andarine in Nitrogen Balance

During the bulking phase, it’s vital that you consume a higher number of calories from fats and protein to gain muscle. Protein is a must in muscle building because all of our muscles are made up of that nutrient. To gain muscle, you need to load yourself with essential amino acids – a type of protein that you can only get from your diet. The amount of muscle tissue that you gain highly depends on the protein utilized by your muscle with the amount of activity you perform.

Unlike fats and carbohydrates, protein has that extra nitrogen molecule that can help you determine how your muscles are doing during the bulking phase. In order to know the status of your body, you have to identify your state of nitrogen balance.

What is Nitrogen balance?

Nitrogen balance is the relationship between the nitrogen intake minus nitrogen loss. There are three states of nitrogen balance:

  • Positive balance– nitrogen intake is higher than nitrogen output, indicating that your body’s consuming more protein than utilizing it. This is the anabolic state that bodybuilders must achieve for building muscle mass. Bulking is only attainable when there’s enough protein to compensate for muscle repair.
  • Negative balance – your nitrogen intake is lower than your nitrogen loss. It’s a dangerous state for bodybuilders because you’re body’s pulling nitrogen from your muscle and other organs. It’s a catabolic state of your muscles that is often a problem with overtraining.
  • Equilibrium balance – your nitrogen intake equals your nitrogen output. It means your body is at a stasis. It’s not losing muscle mass, but it’s not bulking either.

You want your body to stay at the positive nitrogen balance during the bulking phase. To help your body reach and maintain that balance, make sure you consume the right amount of complete protein. It’s recommended that you increase your intake of

  • Eggs,
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Dairy
  • Quinoa
  • Soy

Once you got the right nitrogen balance going, the more you train, the more your body produces its own protein. Muscles will heal during rest, so be sure to get the right amount of breaks between workouts.

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What is the role of S4 Andarine in Nitrogen Balance?

When bodybuilders enter their bulking cycle, they also gain body fat along with the muscle. It gives them a beefy appearance and, unfortunately, a potbelly due to the accumulation of fat. Usually, this is the result of taking in too many calories that your body cannot adequately process for muscle building.

S4 Andarine helps you during the bulking phase by promoting negative nitrogen balance. It triggers muscular development by boosting the effect of testosterone. Since it’s a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), it only heightens the effect of testosterone on your muscles and bones. Based on clinical trials on rats, Andarine was able to restore body mass.

One common problem with bulking is the conversion of calories into body fat, especially on those who overload their intake of protein in hopes of triggering negative nitrogen balance. Andarine helps prevent and reduce the formation of excess fat in the body. It triggers fat oxidation and converts it into energy, giving you that added strength and stamina for lifting.

You can use Andarine alone during your bulking phase, or stacked with other compounds that can help further boost protein synthesis and fat oxidation. BossPeptides S4 Andarine can easily be taken orally and starts to work almost immediately once absorbed by the body. If you have questions about how to use S4 Andarine for bulking, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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