How Long Should I Run S4 Andarine Cycle

  • calender Apr 05, 2019
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How Long Should I Run S4 Andarine Cycle

Andarine (S4) is known for its ability to increase muscle mass and promote calcium production for bone density. Sports enthusiasts of various stages of expertise are often fans of Anardine because of its versatility during various stages of bodybuilding

Andarine (S4) Cycle

When cycling Andarine, you need to consider the safe range for S4 dosing. Typically, you should take 50-75 mg of Andarine in a day. The best way to take Andarine is to split it in two to three dosages each day. You can push your intake up to 100 mg, but beginners are advised to start in a small dose, gradually building up as you continue with your cycle. This gradual increase aims to minimize the side effects of Andarine, which include yellowish vision and eye discomfort. However, it’s not hepatotoxic like oral steroids.

Below is a sample of how to increase your Andarine dose during your cycle.

andarine s4 cycle table

The ideal cycle of Andarine is 6-10 weeks, with the optimum cycle lasting for 8 weeks. Others prolong their cycle to 16 weeks, but that would mean an increased risk of getting side effects. You also need to take an extended post cycle treatment (PCT) to help your body normalize testosterone and other hormone levels.

Here’s a table of other recommended cycling of S4

Stacking is an option and not greatly recommended because Andarine is capable enough of accomplishing your goals for bodybuilding when taken solo. It’s so potent that you’ll feel its effects once you hit the second week into your cycle.

Boss Peptides provide S4 Andarine in liquid form. When taking your daily dose of Andarine, it’s best to drop it directly in your mouth (but not under the tongue) and swallow immediately. Then you chase it down with a glass of water or juice. Do not add liquid Andarine in your juice or drink because it will stick to the cup or sink to the bottom.

Things to consider

  • Observe how your body reacts to S4 intake and modify your dose and cycle accordingly. It’s highly recommended that you take a break from your cycle once you notice any side effects.
  • Visual disturbances will resolve by themselves after taking a break from Andarine.

Is this your first time to cycle Andarine (S4)? If not, how did it affect you during your cycle? Please share your story in the comment section below!

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