Anabolism vs. Catabolism for SARM Bulking

  • calender Apr 13, 2019
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Anabolism vs. Catabolism for SARM Bulking

There are two metabolic stages that bodybuilders should know when creating their goals for bulking: anabolism and catabolism. These two processes always go hand in hand and can happen simultaneously. Anabolism is when your body uses energy to build muscles through protein synthesis. Catabolism, however, is the decrease in protein synthesis resulting in decline in muscle mass.

The anabolic state

You want to be in the anabolic state during your bulking phase. This is because all the nutrients that you take in provide energy to boost your workout. The following hormones often regulate the anabolic state:

  • Growth hormone – responsible for growth during the early stages of life. It’s also responsible for bone repair
  • Insulin – regulates glucose level and use. Must be present in order for the body to utilize glucose as its source of energy.
  • Testosterone – a sex hormone present in both genders, but mainly predominant in males. Responsible for building muscle mass and bone strength.
  • Estrogen – a sex hormone present in both male and female, but most predominant in females. It helps in strengthening bone mass, which can help prevent injury during strength training.

The catabolic state

You push your body to the catabolic state by doing aerobic and cardio exercises (i.e., running, biking, swimming). As you remain in a prolonged and steady state of activity, your body breaks down glycogen for energy. When you don’t have enough carbohydrate reserves, your body will use your muscles and fats as a source of energy. Hormones that regulate the catabolic state are:

  • Adrenaline/epinephrine – your fight or flight hormone. Increases the heart rate an opens your lungs, enhancing oxygen absorption and glucose levels.
  • Cortisol – also known as the stress hormone. It causes blood pressure and glucose levels to rise, as well as suppress the immune system.
  • Glucagon – promotes the supply of glucose in the blood for energy by breaking down glycogen stored in the liver.
  • Cytokines – triggers the use of amino acids in muscles and breakdown of fat into fatty acids.

How SARMs push you to anabolism and lower catabolism?

The best way to boost muscle development during the bulking is to increase protein intake as well as your level of testosterone. However, by boosting testosterone, there are some unwanted changes, particularly in the reproductive organs. By using selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), you only get the anabolic properties of testosterone specifically for bones and muscles. They work slower than anabolic steroids, but SARMs don’t have those unwanted changes most people get with steroid intake.

Another good thing about SARMs, particularly Andarine, is that it prevents muscle wasting by promoting the breaking down of fat instead of muscles for energy. When you lift weights, your body demands energy, and one of the ways to get it is by breaking down muscle. It prevents this by forcing the body to source glycogen from fat cells instead of amino acids from muscles.

Ligandrol works faster than any other SARM. It enhances protein synthesis, shortening your recovery period and improving your endurance. As a result, you’ll be able to take on longer workouts and challenge your body beyond its limits.

Ostarine works similarly like Andarine and can give you a better-sculpted appearance compared to other SARMs, which is why it’s often used on both bulking and cutting phase.

Each SARM works differently when it comes to anabolism vs. catabolism. The best SARM to use highly depends on your goals for bulking, and your approach to your workout. If you have questions about how to use SARMs during the bulking cycle, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section!

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