RAD140: Its Uses, Dose, and Side Effects

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RAD140: Its Uses, Dose, and Side Effects

RAD140, or otherwise known as Testolone, is a research compound studied in treating muscle-wasting disorders and cancer. While it has yet to receive official approval from the FDA, the supplement is widely used among fitness buffs, athletes, and bodybuilders seeking to increase muscle mass.

Popularity and Treatment

RAD140 is a body-friendly supplement that’s rapidly gaining in popularity. It belongs under a class of molecules called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). These molecules tend to attach to the androgen receptor, which is the primary acting area of testosterone.

At present, the supplement is under research for treating medical conditions like breast cancer and muscle deterioration.

What are Androgens?

Androgens are essential steroid hormones. Examples of these are androstenedione, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone. Androgens are naturally present in both men and women. Other than their primary role of sexual characteristics and development, androgens are capable of influencing the brain, muscles, liver, and bones.

Both sexes require androgens for healthy activity. But as one gets older, these hormones will slowly decline. Such decline is related to the loss of physical strength and muscle mass, which can cause brittle bones and long-term physical disability. In addition, this can be closely associated with the progression of cancer, growth failure, and even AIDS.

In most cases, testosterone replacement therapy is a common form of treatment for diseases related to androgen deficiency. While this particular therapy is deemed effective, it can lead to other adverse effects. Some of these can be as serious as prostate cancer (for males) and infertility (for females).

SARMs and RAD140

Androgen receptors that over-activate in specific organs can lead to the formation of diseases. In a similar manner, getting these receptors to under-activate can harm the organs as well. SARMs can give a fresh takes on how to treat to hormone-related disorders.

SARMs activate androgen receptors selectively in certain tissues, such as the muscle and bone, without triggering other tissues. Such selective approach makes them more preferable than convenient hormone replacement therapies since their adverse effects are very limited or absent.

RAD140 is gaining recognition in the bodybuilding world. Its selective approach within the muscle and bone greatly increases both build and growth. Hence, it’s labelled as an anabolic chemical. That means, it’s capable of making new molecules and increasing the use of proteins.

Compared to other hormone therapies, the supplement can be taken via oral means.

The FDA has yet to approve to officially approve the drug for human consumption. However, it can safely be purchased from reputable sellers online.

How It Works

RAD140 is a SARM capable of stimulating androgen receptors within the bone and muscle at a much higher affinity compared to reproductive organs.

The supplement is selective due to how varying proteins communicate with the androgen receptors for binding. Certain cells will respond to RAD 140 attachment by releasing various proteins. Such proteins can either trigger or prevent the effects of the supplement at the targeted receptor. This eventually leads to certain androgen receptors to be activated in certain parts of the body.

RAD140’s chemical structure is unique. It never imitates the structure of anabolic steroids such as testosterone. This can be a benefit since it curbs RAD140 from being converted into other kinds of hormones that can trigger a negative reaction.

RAD140 can stimulate both the muscles and bones. At the same time, it inhibits the seminal vesicles and prostate, which are accountable for the production of sperm. In addition, the supplement will never increase liver enzymes and is thought to have a minimal toxicity.

The compound has the ability to activate androgen receptors in specific brain regions like the hippocampus. It’s able to activate certain biochemical pathways that enhances the viability and health of brain cells.

Known Uses

RAD 140 can be used for a number of things. These include:

1.It can help increase muscle mass.

A majority of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS can lead to unhealthy weight loss levels of both muscle tissue and fat. This can lead to fatigue, muscle wasting, and weakness — things that can make recovery more difficult.

The building of muscle caused by the supplement within the muscle and bones can reverse such problem while increasing weight gain. This can be accomplished by improving muscle and bone growth.

Due to its selective nature, RAD140 can be utilized for weight gain in patients suffering from prostate cancer. Unlike testosterone, it doesn’t trigger unnecessary prostate growth.

Just like its SARM siblings, the supplement can copy the positive effects of testosterone while significantly limiting any side effects. While the benefits of RAD140 has yet been officially proven, the class in which it hails from can from are useful in the bodybuilding world in increasing power and strength. This can be accomplished by increasing muscle mass, promoting fat loss, enhancing stamina, and extending endurance in workouts.

2.It may fight off breast cancer

RAD140 has shown promise in treating breast cancer. The compound was able to test positive for the presence of estrogen and androgen receptors.

In cells extracted from patients who have breast cancer, treatment of RAD140 can suppress the growth of cancer cells by blocking the negative effects of estrogen on tissues. The supplement curbs the production of a certain protein responsible for developing breast cancer.

3.It may offer treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.

The compound has the ability to protect brain nerves from injury-causing amyloid beta proteins. These are primary proteins responsible developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Androgens are capable of decreasing the accumulation of amyloid beta, increasing the growth of brain cells, and promoting synaptic plasticity (essential for cognition). Some of the effects can convert the androgens to other steroid hormones such as estrogen.

Since RAD140 doesn’t possess the same chemical structure as androgens, it can’t be converted to other hormones. That means some of these neuroprotective effects could get lost.

4.It may help with weight loss.

Individuals who supplemented themselves with RAD140 have reported loss over a short period of time.  The compound can help minimize fat tissue indirectly by increasing muscle size. This makes a favorable option for individuals looking to shed weight without disturbing lean muscle.

The process of fat loss involves decreasing fat molecules (LDLs or Low-Density Lipoproteins). Having higher muscle mass levels can rapidly increase metabolism and encourages fatty tissue loss.

Dosage and Post Cycle Therapy

At this point there’s not official set dose for the RAD140 since it’s still being investigated. However, it’s recommended to go for an ideal dose of 20 to 30mg daily.

Fitness buffs or bodybuilders using traditional androgens (ex. steroid hormones) or newer versions (ex. SARMs) will require taking them in cycles. These would typically involve users to take them for a period of eight to twelve weeks consecutively.

Once the cycle is finished, users will halt supplementation to ensure hormones will revert to their natural levels. This process is known as PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and plays an important safety measure whenever hormone supplementation is involved.

Duration of PCT may vary, but it frequently has a correlation with length of the dose taken. For instance, if one is taking the RAD140 for eight straight weeks, they’ll need to halt intake at the same amount of time. Thing is, some individuals may entail longer PCT periods to fully recover.

Caveats and Side Effects

RAD140 has a promising future in dealing with long-term health problems. But these benefits haven’t been fully implemented in human clinical trials. Tests are mostly done in lab animals and other non-human primates. While it can be bought and be used as a supplement, its long-term benefits and risks aren’t fully known.

For some, results observed in lab animals may not always represent the exact long-term benefits in humans.

RAD140 is a relatively new research chemical. Therefore, it has no official clinical side effects. Its minimal side effect status may be attributed to its selective-approach within the body. But this doesn’t entirely mean it won’t ever produce side effects or comes to users risk-free. Fortunately, risks that come with the drug has yet to be determined.

But like other compounds that impact testosterone levels, there’s a slight possibility that RAD140 may trigger certain testosterone-induced side effects. These may consist of:

-Change in sex drive.

-Mood swings



Some users may face one or a few of the theorized symptoms. These can be stopped once the user stops taking the supplement altogether.

Reports and Product Purchase

As a supplement intended for fitness buffs, athletes, or bodybuilders, many have found RAD140 to be helpful in acquiring lean muscle mass and promoting the loss of fats. Other subjective reports include enhanced stamina and endurance during workouts, and improved speeds. These can help accelerate the rate of muscle growth and body fat loss.

It’s been reported that the supplement can exhibit these benefits within a shorter time period compared to other SARMs. A majority of dosing cycles average around eight to twelve weeks, but RAD140 can deliver results in early as one month or less. The time it’ll take to observe the results will be dependent on one’s fitness capacity and natural metabolism.

Since RAD140 is approaches human tissue in a selective manner its effect on the release of testosterone is minimal. This can be handy for women looking to increase their muscle build and mass without appearing to be masculine.

While testosterone release is relatively low, one should still push with the PCT to encourage natural product of hormones.

On the other hand, some prefer using RAD140 for their PCT while pursuing androgenic steroids as their primary medium for bulking. This can be a good thing since it preserves the gained muscle mass during the bulking period, and brining the gap closer in between cycles.

If one has every intention to meet their fitness goals then RAD140 can make that happen. Of course, this can only be possible if the supplement is combined with proper intake, discipline, and a healthy diet.

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