How Does RAD-140 Work

RAD 140, also called Testolone, is a new addition to the available list of SARMs. Testolon has been proven to enhance endurance, power, speed, and strength. This compound also supports recovery and enhanced muscle growth. RAD 140 (Testolone was developed by Radius Health company in 2010 and the name of this compound was given after its company name.

RAD 140’s properties make it unique from others Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, famous as SARMs. The compound is still under research that is why it is not announced for official use in the medical industry. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have been around for decades or even longer and as this compound was introduced to the research field in 2010, it is quite new as compared to other older SARMs.

Because of its newness, there are very limited studies made on RAD 140 than other SARMs, for example,the most popular Ostarine. The PEDs like Ostarine has been tested on humans. Whereas, most Testolone studies have been done on rats and monkeys, but the outcomes are still very promising.

How Does RAD-140 Work

Working of RAD 140

Because it is a part of SARMs group, Testolone works like other SARMs. Like other SARMs, RAD 140 has a selective mode of actions which permits it to have anabolic effects with no side-effects generally seen with AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids). These potential side-effects include head hair loss, suppression of natural testosterone generation, prostate enlargement, and others.

Testolone combines with androgen receptors. It interacts exclusively with the androgenic receptors in bone and muscle tissues. But, it doesn’t activate these receptors in other areas of the body. These pronounced anabolic effects of RAD 140 without suppression and potential risks open up new possibilities of this compound in the medical field.

Studies have proved that SARMs including Testolone act in a tissue-selective way. However, the proper mechanism of that tissue specificity is not clear. Also, because of the selective mode of action, Testolone is supposed to be safe for women too (no clitoris enlargement and virilization)  According to a recent research, when a SARM interacts with androgen receptors,, it changes the shape of the receptor, which creates the anabolic effects (for which SARMs are known).

Effects of RAD 140 on Training and Performance

As stated, RAD 140 offers a lot of benefits in terms of increased power and speed. An increase in endurance and energy helps in supporting enhanced training capacity and intensity. This compound is quite helpful for those who are training or working on reduced calories. It helps users to maintain or boost muscle mass. A mix of different effects makes RAD-140 an ideal option for bodybuilders during cutting phase.

Testolone has virtually no potential side-effects. And this property of the supplement makes it ideal for athletes. RAD 140 has so many surprising additional benefits.

Benefits of RAD 140

As discussed, RAD 140 is a perfect compound when it comes to reducing fracture risk, improving muscle mass, and increasing ligaments and tendons strength. Not only this, Testolone also provides some surprising benefits. The ability of RAD-140 to support explosive power is a plus point for bodybuilders. It is well understood that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) helps in losing maximum fat in less time as compared to steady state cardio. And, RAD 140’s ability to support explosive power improves HIIT training quality which leads to more fat loss and higher muscle preservation.

RAD 140 also proves as one of the best SARMs for endurance, energy support, and explosive power. It means, it can be a perfect option for cardio intensive training and fat loss. RAD 140 provides so many benefits to female bodybuilders. While it helps them to support muscle growth, it doesn’t cause clitoral enlargement, acne, deepening of the voice, and facial hair growth.

Benefits of RAD 140

As mentioned, RAD 140 does not cause any side-effects, but the most crucial effect it ignores is liver toxicity. RAD 140 and other SARMs don’t have attached methyl group like steroids which means these compounds are not toxic to the liver at all. Also, it doesn’t cause the imbalance of cholesterol like steroids.

The studies on mice have shown that RAD 140 can protect neural tissue against neurodegenerative diseases. So, it can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s and many other similar diseases. This benefit shows that Testolone has the efficiency to protect general health.

RAD 140 offers several health benefits,, but it also has some convenience benefits. One is that it can be taken orally which helps in eliminating the hassle and pain of injection. The results from Testolone are risk-free. It is a legal compound which means it can be purchased legally.


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