RAD 140 Fat Loss: Is it possible?

  • calender May 13, 2019
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RAD 140 Fat Loss: Is it possible?

Gaining muscle and straight during the bulking cycle is the main reason why researchers us RAD-140 along with other SARMS. Since you see many professional athletes lauding the effects of RAD 140 in their fitness program, you may be thinking: is RAD-140 for fat loss possible?

What is RAD-140?

RAD-140 Testolone is a SARM that binds to your androgen receptors. However, instead of targeting all androgen receptors as steroids do, RAD-140 only triggers those connected to your muscles and bone tissues. As a result, RAD-140 is a promising treatment against muscle-wasting disorders with minimal side effects.
The compound is relatively new in the fitness industry, with human clinical trials started in 2017. The results were impressive, which gained the attention of researchers who are looking for ways to boost their training.

RAD 140 fat loss

SARMs are known for targeting both muscle development and fat loss. You’ll notice that you have increased protein synthesis and fat oxidation mostly around the second week of your cycle. You know that you’re burning fat as you gradually see your body slowly get that defined, polished look.

However, unlike other SARMs, the effect of RAD 140 on fat tissue remains unclear. A study conducted in monkeys showed inconclusive results on how RAD 140 affects fatty tissue.

Any anecdotal or documented research done with RAD 140 suggests that it’s better applied during the bulking cycle rather than the cutting cycle. If there’s any effect on fat loss, it may be due to the increase in muscle mass that results in a boost in energy uptake and metabolism. It does not work as well as MK-2866 Ostarine, S-4 Andarine, and GW-501516 Cardarine for fat oxidation. These three SARMs are known to target fat receptors and boost fat loss, delivering ketones directly to your muscles for energy.

What it can also do during your cutting cycle is to prevent muscle wasting since during a caloric deficit. It’s a potent anabolic compound that can help promote a positive nitrogen cycle through protein synthesis. This is the main reason why others stack RAD-140 Testolone with GW501516 Cardarine during the cutting cycle.


The trick to gaining from your SARMs is to know exactly where it’s effective. One of the reasons why researchers are not getting the gains that they expect from SARMs is that they use the wrong compound for their fitness goal. Sure, you can use RAD 140 during your cutting cycle since it can help boost your metabolism. Taking it can help you burn fats, but not as quickly as you would expect compared to other SARMs.

Don’t hesitate to buy RAD-140 now if you want to build muscle and boost your strength. However, since its mechanism of action is purely concentrated on your muscles and not on your fats, difficult to get a satisfactory solo RAD-140 fat loss cycle.

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