RAD 140 Cut or Bulk: Best Way To Use RAD 140

  • calender May 22, 2019
  • author by Boss Peptides & SARMS
RAD 140 Cut or Bulk: Best Way To Use RAD 140

SARMs are great alternatives to steroids because they only activate select androgen receptors. RAD-140 is one of those SARMs that is highly effective for building muscle and bone density. It helps promote positive nitrogen balance as well as protein synthesis. The result is hard, lean muscle without causing problems to your prostate. Unlike steroids and prohormones, Rad 140 does not aromatize or converts to DHT.

RAD 140 on cutting phase

Some use RAD 140 during the cutting phase to help prevent muscle wasting, and users attest to the efficacy of the compound. Some anecdotal reports say they were able to lose weight without losing muscle because RAD 140 is completely anabolic.

A caloric deficit helps your body lose fat because you’re burning more energy than what you’re taking in. You don’t have enough calories to convert to fat because your body simply doesn’t have time to do so. Unfortunately, you still need energy, and your muscles are the most accessible source to convert. Using RAD 140 prevents your body from cannibalizing your muscles and forces your body to use fats.

You will keep your gains; however, you won’t get more because of the lack of proper nutrients for building muscle.

RAD 140 on bulking phase

Many are lauding the gains they get with RAD 140 during the bulking phase. Some attest gaining as much as 10lbs of muscle on clean bulk with RAD 140. You gain more during the bulking phase because you don’t have to limit your calorie intake. As a result, you have more nutrients as well as energy to do your lifts. Other users report an increase of 20lbs on their weight training on the 4th week of using RAD 140.

RAD 140 cut or bulk?

Did you see the gains on muscle and strength that you can get with RAD 140 during the bulking phase? Because RAD 140 is all about gaining muscle and building your strength, and there are other SARMs more suited for cut. We recommend using S4 or Cardarine, compounds that are known to promote weight loss by promoting fat oxidation.

The best way to gain the advantage of RAD 140 is to get the best nutrition and exercise possible. Although no one can dispute the anabolic properties of RAD 140, the compound does not work like magic. Eat high-quality lean meat protein to help enhance the nitrogen balance in your muscles, and don’t lag behind your exercise either. You have to push your training harder to gain more. The heavier the weights you lift, the more gains you will get from RAD 140.

What do you use RAD 140 for? What was your experience with using the compound during cut? Please share your fitness goals with RAD 140 in our comment section!

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