Bodybuilding with RAD-140

RAD-140, also known as Testolone is one the newest Selective Androgen Receptors (SARM). Therefore, studies conducted on this compound are very limited. However, so far the studies and researches have been carried out say, RAD-140 might be helpful in increasing the body weight.

According to one study, when this compound was tested on monkeys, a significant improvement was noticed in their lean body mass during the administration period. The increase in lean mass was dependent on dosage. The monkeys that had been given increased dose showed more growth in lean mass and loss in fat tissues.

Use of RAD-140 in Bodybuilding

As a study disclosed, RAD-140 (Testolone) may have amazing benefits to bodybuilders and athletes without any adverse effects. The study further says, it may also enhance endurance and performance while bodybuilding to a great extent and lead to a remarkable improvement in muscle mass and strength as well.

Although the most of the trials carried out for RAD-140 were linked with observing its usage for medical purposes such as treatment for osteoporosis, muscle wasting, muscle loss; but its use in bodybuilding seems promising as well. RAD-140’s capability to improve muscle mass without causing noticeable adverse effects may make it popular in the bodybuilding community. Moreover, it has no to very little suppression to the prostate gland and for that reasons, it is safe from various side effects of an enlarged prostate such as slow urinary stream, frequent urination, etc.

sideeffcts with RAD-140

How Does RAD-140 Help?

The first study that was ever carried out on RAD-140 happened in 2010. As it is a new compound, we can only depend on users reports and limited studies. The name of RAD-140 (Testolone) comes from the company that developed it - Radius Health. Like other SARMs, RAD-140 too has been designed to activate anabolic effects in the selective body parts. In short, we can say it has a selective mode of action. It communicates with androgen receptors but only in the muscles and bones.

As a result, it produces anabolic effects without or minimum any side-effects, usually experienced with anabolic androgenic steroids. (AAS). However, according to a study, it acts in the body in a selective way but leaves less than complete effect on the prostate and seminal vesicles. It means it has some reactions to the prostate gland. In some way, it does not seem good for the prostate. Perhaps when the dose is more than recommended.

Effects of RAD-140 in Muscle

Because of its impact on androgen receptors in muscle, RAD (Testolone) may be helpful in improving user’s strength while bodybuilding. Users pairing it with their diet regimen and bodybuilding training may see positive results in their muscle growth. Moreover, it is also known to enhance the firmness of tendons and ligaments. Any bodybuilder can understand the importance of strong ligament and tendons.

Another study says RAD 140 may also have various benefits in terms of improving speed and power. In the first look, it may not seem effective for bodybuilding. However, the rise in energy and endurance can definitely benefit bodybuilding. Besides this, the substance could be beneficial for those who are training on low calories to reduce extra body fat. RAD 140 (Testolone) helps in maintaining muscle mass while cutting as well.

Dosages of RAD-140

The ideal dose for RAD-140 is a matter of debate. Different research institutes, distributors, and chemical companies recommend different dosages of Testolone (RAD-140). Still, researches and trial are being conducted to find out the best absolute dose of RAD-140.

Nevertheless, according to a new study, it can be taken between 0.3,3 milligrams to 30 milligrams per day for 12-14 weeks. Although the dose may vary from person to person depending on the requirement. Usually, RAD 140 comes in the liquid form that should be taken orally. In comparison to other SARMs, it has long half-life, and for that reason, it should be dosed just once in a day.

Side-Effects of RAD-140

As said before, no side-effects for RAD-140 have been confirmed by any studies yet. Further research is required to find whether it can have any negative health implications in the long-term or not. Few users who have been using this for quite a long time have noticed some adverse effects with RAD-140 such as headache, unwanted hair growth, etc. Although these side-effects are not scientifically proven yet simply they can’t be ignored.
Therefore, it is advisable to begin with a relatively small dose. Later on, according to the body requirements, users may increase its dose.


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