YK11 Myostine (10 mg per ml)

YK11 Myostine (10 mg per ml)


Bottle Size: 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.


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Other Ingredients: Lab-grade PEG-400, Lab-grade ethanol


YK11, otherwise known as Myostine, this particular supplement is classed under the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) and has become very popular with professionals and fitness enthusiasts as well.

YK11 is a rather new edition to the SARM variety as it was only really discovered in 2011 by Yochiro Kanno from the University of Toro who first identified this set of molecules as a SARM.

YK11 has become increasingly popular when it comes to muscle strengthening as it provides an exponential increase in the performance and overall strength of muscles while not offering any of the negative byproducts traditionally associated with steroids and other performance-enhancing products.

However, this has not received enough research as of yet and a lot more testing needs to be done on YK11 to ensure its overall safety, effectiveness and the impact of long-term use of this particular SARM.

Clinical Research & Human Investigation

When the scientist Yochiro Kanno began testing YK11 for his research, he did not conduct any tests on either human or animal subjects, however he did make use of muscle cells.

The results were that when YK11 found and located the androgen receptors within the muscle cells that they latched on to these receptors and through them caused a chain reaction.

The reaction caused the muscle cells to begin pumping out follistatin at a rapid rate thus leading to a direct increase within the muscles overt strength capabilities.

However more studies are needed in the future to confirm the findings of Mr. Yochiro Kanno and to determine the safety for this SARM in both the short-term and the long-term as well.

Side Effects of Myostine

At this current point in time there appears to be no proven negative side effects of YK11, YK11 may be able to provide all of the necessary requirements for muscle growth while avoiding all of the unwanted extras traditionally found to be associated with supplements and testosterone.

A couple side effects that may occur can include a noticeable rise in the amount of body hair on your body particularly body hair in areas such as your back, chest, or legs.

YK11 is far more effective at inducing the rapid production of follistatin than other lading market offerings and has the least amount of harmful side effects according to current research; however we cannot stress the importance of further research for confirmation purposes to the general public.

A serious negative side effect of YK11 for some takers is the high likelihood for an increase in aggressive and overt negative behavior from which every member of your family and friends will equally dislike.

But this is only in few cases so far and not for the vast majority of users of YK11, however far more research needs to be done on YK11 its effect on mental wellbeing of the users and what its long-term impact will be on users overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

Other Possible Benefits

Some of the many purported benefits of YK11 include accelerated fat loss, protection of muscle tissue when in the process of weight loss, a boost in general energy and performance during workouts. A tool for enhancing the individual athletes own limitations and thus enable them to grow further and faster.

Interestingly enough, YK11 has been found to be rather beneficial at preventing any biochemical or actual physical damage occurring to neural networks. This finding has huge implications for medical uses, however more research needs to be done to confirm these findings and see what the alternative effects of YK11 could be especially with long-term use.

Furthermore YK11 has been found to be helpful in allowing for better blood circulation and it has been found to be especially good at slowing down the process of aging within cells. Which as anyone can imagine makes YK11 particularly important to not only the medical world but the aesthetics world as well, however more research still needs to be conducted to confirm these findings.

How It Works

YK11 is a SARM hence it locates the essential androgen receptors within your body and then through these androgen receptors, the SARM causes the muscle cells in your body to produce a large amount of follistatin.

This leads to an immediate surge in not only the overall strength of the muscles of the individual taking YK11 but it also causes the muscles to have far greater energy levels and a much longer endurance span than usually experienced.

Yet, it cannot be stressed enough that further research must be done in order to ascertain the long-term effects of YK11 and all other possible effects of YK11 on the human body.


YK11 is available to purchase throughout much of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and numerous other territories. However, they are sold with the purpose of research in mind, please be certain to purchase from a retailer selling them with the intent of research otherwise the transaction may not be legally approved.