S4 Andarine (50 mg per ml)

S4 Andarine (50 mg per ml)


Bottle Size: 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.


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Other Ingredients: Lab-grade PEG-400, Lab-grade ethanol



S4, otherwise known as Andarine, is one of the SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators that has grown within the fitness industry exponentially since its introduction to the market.

The rise in its popularity can have a lot to do with its many benefits including the protection of lean muscle mass while helping to eliminate stubborn fat stores within your body.

Clinical Research & Human Investigations

Researchers found that Andarine when tested on mice in an animal trial that Andarine greatly increased their overall levels of calcium stored within their bones, increased the overall generation of lean muscle mass while not affecting any of the sexual organs within a negative way.

This was a major discovery for Andarine, yet more research was conducted after the initial wave of excitement within the scientific community.

Scientists rounded up a group of volunteers, all of these individuals had a degenerative muscle disorder of some kind, and then these people continually over the period of several weeks received the minimum dosage for Andarine.

This SARM exceeded expectations by delivering visible results within a two week period and over the course of the study aided in returning the volunteer subjects to an almost fully regenerated state of muscle mass.

Side Effects of Andarine

To date Andarine has not yet shown many negative side effects on the individuals who have used this particular SARM and it has not shown any of the side effects that can be normally associated with traditional steroid use due to it being a selective androgen receptor.

Yet it must be noted that much more research must be done in order for its full range of impacts to be known, from both a long-term and a short-term perspective.

The main complaint experienced with the use of Andarine includes the temporary loss of vision or a yellow tinting of the individuals’ outer vision spectrum, something that can also occur with SARM use is the blurring or clouding over of your vision at times during the day or night.

Another factor to take note of is that with this SARM as with all SARMs the rate at which testosterone is naturally produced within the users body will be slowed to a certain extent, if used without an anabolic steroid then therapy post use may be needed.

However, more research is needed into the side effects of Andarine and the long-term results of these side effects within the human body.

Other Possible Benefits

Andarine is known for its ability to aid in the improvement of overall strength increases, while also being good at maintaining lean mass that has already been gained through prior activities.

However, it can be used to aid in building up of muscle mass, however it should be noted that when it comes to bulking that Andarine has a third of the impact that you could achieve with testosterone. Yet, for all of these benefits and impacts much more research is needed to confirm these results.

Yet, Andarine is truly powerful should you be aiming to cut down as much body fat as humanly possible, Andarine is extremely powerful at protecting the lean muscle mass of individuals while they are cutting.

This is a huge benefit as the more muscle saved the faster your metabolism burns; therefore, you are ultimately able to lose weight. But the greatest possible benefit from this SARM is that it has been reported from a single study that Andarine has the ability to accelerate the process of lipolysis or fat loss within the body.

However, much more research is needed to test these and other claims regarding Andarine, as well its overall impact on the body and its impact over long-term use on the physical and mental wellbeing of athletes and other fitness enthusiasts.

How it Works

Andarine is a SARM meaning that it locates and attaches itself to the androgen receptors within the muscles and body instead of the body’s sexual organs thus eliminating the main negative effects associated with traditional use of steroids.

S4 forces the androgen receptors within the muscles and bones to interact in a specific way, basically it causes them to build genes that are beneficial to the growth of muscle each time an androgen receptor has testosterone near it. This process causes a spike in the level of overall protein cells that the athlete’s body will produce while on S4.


Andarine is one of the most available SARMs within the market and is available in numerous territories the world over including the United States, however it must be noted that if an SARM is purchased for reasons other research then it is not a legal transaction. For your own safety within the eyes of the law it is advisable to ensure that you purchase from a retailer that is marketing Andarine as a product that is being sold for research purposes only rather than recreational or other uses.

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