MK-2866 Ostarine (25 mg per ml)

MK-2866 Ostarine (25 mg per ml)


Bottle Size: 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.


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Other Ingredients: Lab-grade PEG-400, Lab-grade ethanol


MK-2866 or more commonly known as Ostarine, is a substance related to SARMs otherwise known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. As with many other SARMs findings from research indicates that Ostarine may have benefits for the medical field.

Recently, it has been found as an ingredient in several bodybuilding supplements. It has also been used by professional athletes for its alleged performing enhancing effects.

MK-2866 was created and researched by pharmaceutical industry due to increasing medical interest in SARMs. The SARM family has been documented in human clinical human trials to show anabolic benefits.

Many SARMs such as LGD-4033 have demonstrated a significant lack of side-effects whilst also showing positive anabolic traits. For this reason, SARMs such as MK-2866 might be a suitable replacement for traditional synthetic steroids used in medicine for various conditions.

Clinical Research & Human Investigation

The current research for MK-2866 has been very positive. In the future, if shown as safe, MK-2866 might be used to fight against the effects of numerous diseases that attack the muscles and bone structure of mammals.

Some examples include osteoporosis, sarcopenia, hormone replacement therapy and muscle atrophy amongst others. However, more research needs to be conducted to be assured of these claims and MK-2866’s effectiveness in preventing or combatting these illnesses and ailments.

This particular drug is seen as the new hope for those living with degenerative muscle and skeleton conditions, with more research this could be the future. Yet current research out of the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Journal shows that SARMs can have an extremely significant effect on the medical industry as a whole, Ostarine was found to be highly effective in the protection of bone mass, the enlargement of bone mass and the aiding with fat loss.

As well as being highly beneficial with the strengthening and preservation of key muscle groups that can be lost through illness and recovery.

While this has been tested on both animal and human trials, there must still be more research done into this field and more tests on humans for long-term impacts and effects.

Side effects of Ostarine

There are currently no side effects for the short-term that have been found; yet more research is needed to find the impact of Ostarine for long-term use and how Ostarine interacts with the body over a long period of time. There are also questions over how Ostarine will impact minor muscles and individuals non-skeletal muscles particularly over a period of prolonged or intensive use.

Other Benefits

A common negative effect of Metabolite M1 which was a part of S1, is a partial or complete loss of visionary abilities, yet it has been found that Ostarine lacks this compound within its makeup and therefore does not have one of the main side effects of S1 or similar products to it.

Yet, more research must be conducted into the full array of side effects of Ostarine, especially with long-term or intensive use.

Some other effects that are positive and may be experienced include greater energy for workouts, faster metabolism, and fat-burning effects, increased muscle strength and further enhanced healing capabilities. However, more research must still be conducted to confirm these results.

How it works

MK-2866 is a SARM and therefore, works in a similar method to other supplements within this class; MK-2866 locates specific androgen receptors within your body. It then goes on to target specific bone and muscle receptors, which aids in the process of increasing muscle and bone mass within your body.

It has been shown to aid in the protection of muscle tissue after undergoing recovery procedures during surgery where exercise and movement may be severely restricted or not allowed whatsoever. Furthermore, based on research to date Ostarine is a really effective choice for bodybuilders or professional athletes by allowing them to build lean muscle and trim fat effectively without the usual byproducts of steroids.

Yet more research needs to be done in the future on the long-term effects and any other possible consequences or effects that can be experienced from this particular SARM.

A further aspect of Ostarine is that it aids with the classification and separation of nutrients, this will greatly help you to burn away fat in areas where most people struggle to lose fat while not minimizing your ability to gain lean muscle in key areas.


SARMs can be purchased within the United States of America, the European Union, and many other countries entirely legally. However, certain laws or bylaws may prohibit the distribution of these products across the country or certain regions within the country.

Ostarine is legal for research purposes; in certain areas displaying Ostarine may lead you to receive fines or further disciplinary action from the authorities. However, many websites and online sellers do offer Ostarine as available to purchase for research purposes, this is the most highly recommended option at the moment, please note that at all times your own discretion is advised.