GW501506 Cardarine (10 mg per ml)

GW501506 Cardarine (10 mg per ml)


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Other Ingredients: Lab-grade PEG-400, Lab-grade ethanol

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GW501506 otherwise known as Cardarine, has become increasingly popular over recent years within the bodybuilding industry thanks to its purported abilities to rapidly accelerate fat loss and greatly increase the users’ overall endurance during workouts.

Yet, this miracle weight loss drug was not originally crafted to aid people with shedding those pesky midsections, rather it was initially made to aid cancer patients who were diagnosed with prostate, breast or colon cancer to help these patients prevent and halt tumor growth from inception to maturity.

However, it wasn’t long after Cardarine hit the shelves in pharmacies that bodybuilders, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike discovered the boundless benefits that it offered for their workouts.

Hence Cardarine has been utilized for more than twenty years for fast and efficient weight loss results, as well as aid with recovery from intense workouts and of course, giving you extra energy to really push yourself during those workouts.

While studies have been done on the effectiveness and safety of Cardarine, more research must still be done in order to ensure that Cardarine has no side effects after long-term use and that the positive effects will replicate on all people.

Clinical Research & Human Investigation

Cardarine, unlike some of the other supplements available have been around for more than twenty years and therefore far more is known about the aftereffects and terms of use of Cardarine than with other sporting supplements.

Cardarine works as a PPAR or a Peroxisome Proliferator-acting Receptor, meaning it hunts down and finds all the PPAR’s naturally occurring within the body, binds to them and then causes the body to switch from carbohydrates to its own internal fat stores in order to burn weight. This in turn causes exponential weight loss for the taker of Cardarine

On an animal trial performed with mice, the mice who received Cardarine had a much greater weight loss than the control group, the weight loss was fast, without calorie counting and many of them didn’t exercise, Furthermore, these mice showed additional benefits from receiving the supplement, the mice showed protection against weight gain due to diet choices and protection from Type two diabetes.

More animal trials came and Cardarine was then tested on monkeys, the results from the monkeys indicated that Cardarine could also be useful for aiding in the battle against heart disease, This was confirmed when Cardarine reduced the levels of LDL cholesterol within the monkey’s blood while increasing their level of HDL cholesterol.

This was found to be due to Cardarine enabling the body to unlock many of the features that are only normally opened after frequent exercise routines take place, unfortunately as we all know this will not be the case for many humans anytime soon.

However, even with all of this positive research there is still a lot more research, animal and human trials on Cardarine that need to be conducted in order to assess all of its findings and indicate its overall safety.

Side Effects of Cardarine

Cardarine has been in use for over twenty years by everyone from athletes to enthusiasts; however no side effects have been reported for it. Nor were they any negative long-term or short-term impacts to show.

Yet, there must be much more research done to ascertain the safety and reliability of Cardarine in all situations.

Cardarine was officially released in 1992 by Glaxo Smith Kline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals, over the past twenty years and more a number of unexpected impacts have been found out by these SARMs and their users.

Cardarine has been found to exceptionally useful for weight loss for bodybuilders because it allows you to keep the muscle you have built in the gym while obliterating the fat you built during your days on the couch.

Instant and long-lasting energy levels have been experienced with Cardarine, interestingly enough; there have been no reports as yet of crashes from this energy. Rather it seems that Cardarine by tapping into your fat stores provides a constant steady stream of sustainable, high impact energy.

However a lot more research needs to be done to discover more beneficial impacts of Cardarine and safety for long-term use or repercussions for frequent use.

Other Possible Benefits

The most impactful additional benefits are its protective abilities against obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease and cancer cell formation.

Just being able to form a preventative cure against one of these illnesses would be groundbreaking; prevention against all of them will revolutionize medicine. Hence, a lot more research is needed before anyone gets excited and starts throwing around words like revolutionary.

How it Works

Cardarine locates the PPAR points within your bodies muscle and skeletal tissue, then it proceeds to replicate the intake of glucose as a primary energy source, but rather it forces the body to draw on its own fat stores. This action causes an immediate reaction within your fat storage and you instantly begin to lose weight, particularly stubborn fat that is hard to lose.


Cardarine is legal for sale within the United States and other territories when sold under research purposes; it also appears to be legal in countries such as the European Union and parts of Asia.

Please ensure when you are purchasing Cardarine that you are purchasing from a seller that only retails Cardarine for research purposes in order to ensure the transaction is FDA approved. Otherwise the transaction may not be seen as entirely legal within the United States and some other areas as well, be sure to investigate your own laws before buying.