Privacy Policy

Data Analysis & Cookies – On our website, we may collect data and information about our viewers through cookies stored on internet browsers for the purpose of analyzing traffic trends on the URL Cookies are stores on browsers by desktop and mobile devices. This information is strictly for traffic analysis relating to only. Our marketing department analyzes data such as: from where our customers are coming from (ex. Google, social media platforms, referring URLs), from which countries they are coming from, which pages they are viewing, how long they are staying on the website and which page visitors exited from. We use third-party paid software for tracking visits. You can visit the Statcounter website by going to, Statcounter collects the following information via cookie tracking: IP, location, referring URLs visited on our website. If the viewer is logged into their Google account, we might also see which search term they are coming from in Google Search via Statcounter. We do not collect user information to sell, give or distribute to any third party and only analyze and collect the data for use on If you wish to browse anonymously it is recommended to disable cookies in your browser. This can usually be achieved through accessing the privacy or settings tab on your browser client on your mobile or desktop device(s). Alternatively, you can use a VPN or anonymous proxy service without hindering or blocking access to the website (unless our malware scanner sees something suspicious and blocks IP automatically). Please note that using certain public or anonymous proxies might affect the purchasing experience because our payment fraud filters may be activated. VPN and public/private proxies are often used by fraudulent entities or groups to hide their location(s). Depending on the current fraud settings and details of the order, payment may be blocked or flagged for review.

Fraudulent & Malicious Users – Due to fraudulent and illegal activity online, we enlist the use of 2 scanning tools for use on our URL, These two scanning tools are utilized to manage hackers and malicious or fraudulent users for both our safety and the safety of our clients and visitors. Our website is managed on the WordPress content management system which has allowed us to easily implement popular anti-fraud tools. The first plugin tool we use is called Wordfence. Wordfence, is a security tool utilized by us to scan and block malicious users or scripts. Wordfence assists to scan for suspicious user activity by IP location on Sometimes, legitimate users of our website can be blocked accidentally by Wordfence (ex. trying to login to your customer account with too many failed attempts). If your IP is blocked by Wordfence Security, you will not be able to access until a member of our admin team removes the corresponding IP from the automated IP blacklist. You can learn more about Wordfence Security by visiting The second scanning and security tool we utilize is a third-party payment security software, Fraud Labs Pro (FLL). FLP is a paid service (independent of payment gateway security settings utilized by merchant bank) that monitors payment activity and flags or blocks suspicious orders on the CMS side. Fraudsters online often use stolen payment card information purchased on the black market or stolen physically. FLP assists us to monitor for illegitimate orders by monitoring IP information. The payment security software monitors data via an algorithm that generates a risk score based off IP information and other data. As mentioned above, using a proxy service to hide or change IP location can affect the buying process on Other data affecting fraud score by FLP are things such as Address Verification mismatch – a common tool used by banks to ensure the billing address matches their records on file. AVS mismatch often affects legitimate customers because they have not updated their new address with card-holder bank. On the other hand, AVS mismatch can be a sign that the card order is fraudulent since it may be an indication that the specific card is stolen and acquired illegally by fraudsters. Card numbers and sensitive payment information is not stored on FLP however, customer information and IPs are listed. Blocked IPs (blacklisted) are stored and cached in our private FLP account. Customer information is stored securely on the FLP cloud service login for merchants. You can learn more about this tool and their privacy policies at

I.D Collection – Conditions in our terms of purchase and use agreement, state customers and visitors under 21 years of age are prohibited from using our website or purchasing. The 21 age requirement is also listed in disclaimers posted on footer, product pages etc. Our policies also reserve the right for support staff or management to request government-issued identification. If we do request identification on your order, you can email a scan or print of government-issued photo ID (passport, driver’s license). We store IDs for use in our private records. These records are kept for liability purposes and will not be shared or given to any third party unless a legal dispute is initiated that corresponds to that specific account or customer.

User Accounts – Information stored in client accounts will not be shared, sold or given to any third parties. The data in these accounts are the property of the account holder. You can sign up for an account on on the checkout page. Accounts are created after payment and confirmation are sent to the email supplied. Alternatively, you can opt out of this feature and check out as a guest instead. You have the option to delete or remove an account and all data from our servers. Deleting an account makes all information and past order history unrecoverable. Personal payment details will not be collected stored or saved in accounts on our server. Information and accounts are stored securely on our servers. We reserve the right to terminate an account at any time for any reason.

Payment Collection – Bank card numbers are not passed or transmitted and are processed securely by a reputable third-party service. Transmitted data passed from our checkout page to gateway is transmitted via encryption and is undecipherable to any malicious attempt. Any sensitive payment data is not available to our staff. In payment gateway, the last four bank card numbers are available for viewing as well as brand card type, however, the other 16 digits are blocked out from viewing by us via gateway security function. Staff and management can only see customer name supplied in the gateway. Staff may contact you via email to confirm details about your payment or order details. Bank card details are authorized to be transmitted over the phone by staff but not through email. Our policy prohibits staff from collecting sensitive payment data over email.

Email & Text Subscribers – Our website offers its users an opt-in function to subscribe to mailing list. This list of emails, will not be sold, given or distributed to third parties for any reason. Our email list is reserved specifically for promotional coupons or discounts and/or important information relating to our services. We will not spam and policy limits us to a maximum of 2 emails monthly – although usually much less is sent to avoid annoyance to our valued clients. You can quickly and easily opt out of our email subscription service by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email. Alternatively, you can also opt out of email subscription service be contacting us and a staff member can remove manually. Registering for a user account on our website will not opt-in an email and deleting a user account will not remove a corresponding subscribed email from the email subscription service. Our email list is governed and stored on a secure and professional third-party email subscription service. You can read more about the service we use at We also offer customer text subscription opt-in service. Phone text subscribers will only be sent to texts for order updates relating to the number supplied on orders. Subscribers may also get texts relating to promotional coupon offers. Texts will give an option to unsubscribe easily. Texts sent via our company are billed to us and are sent from a toll-free number.