Do You Need PCT for MK 2866?

  • calender May 21, 2019
  • author by Boss Peptides & SARMS
Do You Need PCT for MK 2866?

A lot of people are saying that MK 2866 is one of the mildest and safest SARM available. Mild as it may be, it showed great promise in helping prevent muscle wasting in degenerative conditions such as muscular dystrophy and HIV. However, since we mentioned that it’s safe, that definitely got you wondering: do I need to run PCT after a MK 2866 cycle?

What is PCT?

When you take SARMs, you stimulate your body’s androgen receptors to boost muscle and bone development. Unlike steroids, however, SARMs mostly don’t have any DHT related sides and do not aromatize to estrogen. Still, it makes the body feel that this is all due to a high level of testosterone. As a result, some SARM users experience varying degrees of testosterone suppression.

When you stop your cycle, your body gradually adjusts to the absence of SARMs. Depending on the length and intensity of dosage, your body can either bounce back quickly, or it may take time for you to recover. This is where PCT comes in. PCT or post-cycle therapy helps your return to normal and produce testosterone naturally. Also, PCT helps you maintain all that hard-earned muscle that can get lost after a cycle.

Do you need PCT for MK 2866?

MK 2866, when used in the right dose and cycle length, rarely requires PCT. It shows little to no suppression, which makes it a great compound for those who are starting out with SARMs. The usual recommended dose of MK 2866 Ostarine is 20-30mg in a 12-week cycle, but beginners are advised to start at 4-8 weeks of cycling MK 2866.

The best way to know if you need PCT with MK 2866 is to get blood work before and after your cycle. There are some who experience sides that indicate suppression and need for PCT, while others feel okay. However, the absence of symptoms can be misleading as there are those who only learn they need PCT when bloodwork results came out.
The length of your PCT also depends on how long you took MK 2866. If you took Ostarine for 4 weeks, your PCT should run for 4 weeks. A 12-week cycle of MK-2866 needs a 12-week PCT to help you recover.


The need for PCT with Ostarine varies from each person. 9 out of 10 users do not need PCT since it’s a really mild and effective anabolic compound. However, some may experience sensitivity that makes the compound work twice as strong with them compared to others. If you’re concerned about the need for running PCT with MK 2866, blood work is the only way to go. On the other hand, if you experience sides like headache, back pain, and lethargy, you may need PCT with MK-2866 even without bloodwork results.

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