Ostarine: Expectations and Purchase

  • calender Sep 06, 2018
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Ostarine: Expectations and Purchase

Ostarine, or otherwise known as MK2866, is a synthetic drug made by a Memphis-based pharmaceutical company called GTx INC. The product is currently listed as a research compound under the SARMs category. It was initially used for treating individuals suffering from muscle wasting.

A number of clinical trials were carried out with the drug for its medical purposes. It was seen to be highly effective in curbing muscle wasting as a result of cancer. Results from some clinical trials were so beneficial that Ostarine was immediately carried out over to the world of bodybuilding.

Since the product was carried over for bodybuilding and athletic use, most users have expressed nothing but positive reviews of the supplement. Many have called Ostarine as one of the safest and highly anabolic SARMs in the market. Others believe it’s close to resembling the effects of testosterone without getting in the way of the body’s natural testosterone production.

It’s has the ability to selectively boost the androgenic activity within the bone and muscle tissue. Pair the supplement with a healthy diet and exercise regimen and one will experience the positive effects of designer steroids without the adverse effects.

There’s been zero reports of androgenic activity within non-skeletal muscles such as the brain, liver, or prostate. But that leaves certain questions for some users who feel that Ostarine may be a drug that’s too perfect for it to anti-catabolic and anabolic without any adverse effects.

Usage and Half-Life

The supplement has received mixed reviews in terms of how one can utilize it the proper way. Some bodybuilders have included it in their current SARM stack for bulking. Others prefer using it as a standalone product for body re-comp.

Ostarine has one unique capability of burning fat while improving strength and increasing muscle gains. This is something that one may find impossible to accomplish unless one is juicing.

While the recommended dose of the drug is around 15mg per day, a majority of bodybuilders will take it up a notch to 25mg per day for a 12-week cycle.  As much as 7 pounds of lean muscle mass gains can be made within the time when one is on the supplement. But when one sticks to a controlled diet intended to meet their physical goals, expect to achieve double-digit lean muscle mass gains in one cycle.

Ostarine is reported to have a half-life of 24 hours. A single dose per day is all that’s needed to ensure balanced intake in the bloodstream.


Depending as to whether one prefers to cut or bulk, here are some results to be expected when utilizing Ostarine:


Ostarine is considered to be a highly anabolic drug. It can easily boost one’s strength, increase energy levels, and minimize fatigue. What’s more, it’s capable of boosting protein synthesis and will aid in increasing lean muscle mass. By “lean” muscle mass, it would mean the absence of puffiness or water retention that’s frequently associated with steroid use.

What’s essential here is that the gains achieved within a cycle can be retained, provided that one can consistently pursue a strict diet regimen and exercise/workout after a cycle.


When one is on a caloric deficit, the body can swiftly slide into a catabolic state. This is because of the calories lacking, interrupted metabolism, and significant reduction of hormones such as testosterone and IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) in the system.

Ostarine will help curb one’s hard-earned muscle gain from being catabolized while they’re on a deficit. This makes it all the more possible to go through the cutting cycle without worrying about muscle loss. This has been proven in a several clinical studies.

If one intends to look for another SARM capable of effective cutting, the S-4 (another SARM) is recommended.

Body Recomp:

The supplement lets one retain muscle while cutting and gaining lean muscle while trying to bulk. Keeping it a little above the calories maintained while cycling on the supplement allows one to re-comp. The results can lead to significant fat loss and increased muscle gains.

Gains won’t be pronounced since that will only be noticeable during a pure bulk cycle. Although one can easily gain as much as 7 to 8 pounds of lean muscle mass while trimming a few inches off one’s waist.

Safety Concerns

Just like its SARM siblings, Ostarine is non-hormonal substance. That means it won’t easily be converted into an androgen. Hence, the supplement won’t aromatize into estrogen. Males will no longer have to worry about hair loss or development of breasts.

Blood panel results after cycling with the supplement showed a small increase in Estradiol. The increase is very mild. But if one is having serious concerns or has high estrogen sensitivity, then one can avoid it with small doses of an aromatize inhibitor such as Arimidex.

There’s a possibility of some testosterone suppression especially when one takes the drug at an abnormally high dose. So, if one is currently using Ostarine, it’s advisable to do a PCT for three weeks along with small doses of Clomid or Nolva.

Trustworthy Sellers

Keep in mind that the supplement has yet to receive official approval for sale or use within the United States. A bulk of this product is usually peddled off in other countries like China. Some manufacturers can’t be trusted since their background is sketchy and would often under-dose or produce fake versions of the product.

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