How Does MK-2866 Work?

MK-2866, or otherwise known as Ostarine, belongs to a group of drugs called SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). MK-2866 is a selective drug that only binds to the receptors of muscle androgen and bone. This helps curb prostate problems, hair loss, and other adverse effects trigged by anabolic steroids.

This drug was made by Gtx, a pharmaceutical company, in 2009, to fight diseases responsible for muscle wasting. Like any other drugs intended for bodybuilding, MK-2866 ended up being a great supplement free from side effects. It became one of the many known drugs intended for fitness buffs, bodybuilders, and injury sufferers looking for a way to heal their body faster.

Mechanism of Action

MK-2866 works by binding to one’s muscle receptors. This triggers the growth of muscles with little or no side effects. Such gains can be ?kept? consistently and maintained even if one stops taking the drug. What’s important is that workouts and diet regiment remain constant and on track.

The drug is capable of higher nutrient partitioning. Such effect made it possible for users to lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time. MK-2866 is highly anabolic. It functions even better as an anti-catabolic. What’s more, it’s fantastic in jump starting one’s HPTA. It also makes gains possible while kicking in a few pounds from one cycle to the next.

Its safe use and flexibility makes MK-2866 a heaven-sent drug to fitness buffs from all over. Whether it’s seeking for a drug free from side effects to steroids to use in between cycles to having a safer alternative in healing injuries, MK-2866 is likely that go-to drug in SARMs

Healing Properties

It’s been proven that MK-2866 has been a beneficial drug in healing injuries from critical areas of the body including ligaments, tendons, and bone. It’s indicated in numerous studies as a preferred alternative to testosterone in curbing workout injuries. It has a promising potential for treating muscle wasting and osteoporosis.


When it comes to diet, MK-2866 aids in preserving muscle mass and strength. When stacked with other PPARs or SARMs, it’s a force to be reckoned as it helps shed fat and preserves muscle gain. What’s more, MK-2866 is a benefit in the world of endurance. When included with Cardarine to the cutting cycle, it improves endurance during cardio workouts especially when done in longer periods.

Recommended Doses

The maximum dosage recommended for the drug is 25mg/day for males and 12.5mg/day for females. Meanwhile, the lowest acceptable dosage for males is 12.5mg. Keep in mind that lower doses can lead to minimal results or muscle gain. But it does help with ailing joints.To treat bone and tendons, numerous reports indicate of taking a minimum dose of 12.5mg/day.

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