MK 2866 Cycle: Getting the Most out of MK-2866

  • calender May 17, 2019
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MK 2866 Cycle: Getting the Most out of MK-2866

Cycling is essential for SARMs. It helps you get the most out of the compound and at the same time, use it safely. Here’s how to cycle MK-2866 so you get its full benefits with fewer side effects.

MK 2866 Cycle: What will you use it for?

Before you run your Ostarine MK-2866 cycle, you should know first why you’re using the compound as well as your bodybuilding goals. You can use Ostarine MK-2866 for:


Building up muscles means you have to get the full potency of the compound. Suggested cutting cycle for bulking is 8-12 weeks. Researchers usually feel the effects within the 5th day, and see


MK-2866 can help prevent the onset of catabolism while breaking down fats at the same time. Suggested cutting cycle is between 4-8 weeks.


you won’t get gains and loss as with bulking and cutting alone, but you’ll be able to build muscle and lose fat at a stable pace. Recommended cycle is 8-12 weeks.

MK-2866 Cycle length

The cycling length of MK-2866 depends on your fitness goals and your needs for your body. If this is your first time cycling MK-2866, you should go for 4-6 weeks. Experienced SARM researchers can push it to 6-8 weeks, while advanced users can go up to 12.

Boss Peptides highly advise that you do not go beyond 12 weeks with Ostarine. Although it’s a SARM, it can also suppress your natural testosterone production. Others also report an increase in estrogen levels if taken on an extended period and high dosage. We highly recommend that you do your blood work before you start with your MK 2866 cycle to serve as a baseline when you’re done.

What to expect with MK 2866 cycle

Users of MK-2866 report enhanced strength and stamina on the 3rd or 4th day of the cycle. You won’t see much on your body during the first two weeks, other than gradual enhanced physical performance. By the 2nd week, you’ll see your muscles increase in size and hardness. Your skin will gradually tighten around your muscles, giving you that polished look.

Depending on your dose, you can also start to feel that your muscles, joints, and tendons are healing. However, the healing property of MK 2866 is often felt on low-dose cycles, particularly during recomp. At the 4th week, you will notice that you have a better range of motion and notice improvement on your joints during impact-based activities.
Most report lean gains by the 8th week, which can increase as you go through the cycle. By the 12th week, your gains are apparent and you can really see the results when you look in the mirror.

What you should do during your MK 2866 cycle

  • Eat accordingly – if you’re in the bulking phase, you should consume a good amount of high-quality protein that is higher than your body expenditure. Although it’s true that you will gain a lot if you eat a lot, you still have to consider your health status. Always go for high-protein that is also low in fat. During the cutting cycle, you should eat fewer carbs and consume less calories. Don’t worry. Your muscles will not undergo catabolism because MK-2866 will dictate your body to consume your stored fat for energy instead of your muscles. Diet is also critical during the recomping, and your diet should consist of 30% lean protein for best results.
  • Maintain your exercise – exercise is also necessary when you cycle MK-2866. The compound will not do much if you do not push and drive your fitness routine, especially during the cutting phase.
  • Observe your body – different people have different reactions to SARMs. You may need a lower dose, or require the full dose soon. Start low and see how well your body is doing with your MK 2866 cycle. If you’re experiencing sides, lower the dose and cut your cycle short if necessary.

PCT is required after your MK 2866 cycle. As a general rule for MK-2866, your PCT should be as long as your cycle. If you cycled MK-2866 for 6 weeks, you should run your PCT for 6 weeks as well. Listen to your body during the cycle and do not abuse the compound. As long as you follow the right dosage and cycle length, you’ll get stronger, leaner, and experience little sides with MK 2866.

What made you decide to cycle MK-2866? What are you expecting from the SARM? Please share your goals in our comment section!

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