Is Ligandrol Worth Using?

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Is Ligandrol Worth Using?

Ligandrol is considered to be a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that’s presently undergoing pre-clinical trials by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Hence, the commercial nickname “Ligandrol.” There’s hope that it’ll soon replicate the use of testosterone with fewer side effects.

The fitness circuit has been making use of the drug the past several years to give them an edge in physical performance.


Ligandrol functions by attaching to androgen receptors that are entirely found within the muscles and bones. When attachment happens, this could improve the building of muscles and curbing muscle wasting — even if one is in the middle of a caloric deficit.

At this point, research studies on the drug have been encouraging and have indicated a strong attachment with androgen receptors. Compared to anabolic steroids, the supplement has a selective functionality. Hence, one will not receive its positive androgenic effects on both the muscles and bones, but it exhibits zero side effects.

Clinical Studies

A Phase 1 clinical study was carried out on Ligandrol on more than seventy healthy male adults who were between 20 to 50 years of age. This group took the supplement, along with another group who were given a placebo, for a period of three weeks. The clinical study considered muscle strength, lean body mass, cardio output, and sex hormones.

Results showed no adverse effects of the drug compared to that of the placebo group. Suppression was noticeable at a higher dose. But so far, it’s nowhere as close as that of traditional anabolic steroids.

Researchers realized that a higher dose, an increase in lean body mass was observed. The positive outcome here is that no body fat was gained. Essentially, the mass that was added was nothing but lean muscle mass.

Another study was carried out in elderly volunteers who had major injuries like fractured joints. Results indicate it was capable of speeding up recovery of bone density and does a tremendous job curbing future bone injuries.

Known Benefits

Both athletes and bodybuilders came away impressed with what they’ve felt and seen after using Ligandrol for a certain period of time. These benefits include:

-An increase in muscle mass.

-A decrease in body fat.

-An increase in body strength.

-Quicker recovery times.

-Improvement in endurance.

-Capable of preventing future injuries.

-Facilitates in muscle/bone repair.

User Reports

Clinical studies that have been carried out have been excellent. Skeptics feel that the trials were all done in a controlled environment. They demanded real world samples of Ligandrol. After years of subjective user reviewers, it was found that Ligandrol has done a lot of wonders.

An adult male user started taking the supplement after suffering a broken arm. He took an average of 10mg of Ligandrol daily for eight consecutive weeks. His doctor recommended he’ll need several months in the gym to completely recover the injury.

Within days of using the drug, he was back in the gym for half of the time.

An adult female user decided to use the supplement to acquire muscle and shed off body fat. Her body fat initially was at 25% with a body weight of 145 pounds. She took Ligandrol and Cardarine, paired that with a healthy diet, and worked out a few times a week in the gym.

Results after using the supplement for a 12-week period were astounding. Her body fat dropped to a mere 20% and she gained one pound of pure muscle. She went from benching 80 pounds to a jaw-dropping 110 pounds.


Ligandrol happens to be one of the most favorite SARMs by both athletes and bodybuilders due to its versatility. One can take an average of 10 to 20mg of the drug daily or stack it with other bodybuilding supplements.

Ligandrol can provide a significant boost in performance with a dose of 10mg each day in conjunction with Ostatine at 25mg per day. The stack can be taken for 12 to 16 consecutive weeks.


Users have reported fantastic results when using the supplement at just 10mg each day while one is on a caloric deficit along with 20mg of Cardarine. The recommended cycle should be limited to 12 straight weeks.


Those who want to build muscle and are struggling with appetite will utilize the supplement at a dose of 10 to 20mg per day in conjunction with Nutrobal (at 25 to 50mg each day). This stack should be taken anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks consecutively.

One can use Ligandrol with anabolic steroids to offer a boost in endurance, build on lean muscle, and promote unwanted fat loss. A dose of 10 to 20mg per day is advised for any stack involving anabolic steroids. By doing this, once can see improved results with little or no side effects.

Advantages Over Steroids

So far, no user has claimed Ligandrol to be more potent than anabolic steroids when it comes to attaining muscle mass or muscle strength gain. Nevertheless, the supplement offers a number of advantages including:

-70% less suppression than anabolic steroids.

-Inability to be converted to estrogen.

-Inability to trigger side effects seen in anabolic steroids (ex. baldness/hair loss, enlarged prostate, excessive hair growth, and etc.).

-Less strain on the liver.

-Anti-inflammatory properties.

-Inability to cause joint dryness.

Reported Side Effects

Since the compound has a selective function, side effects are either minimal or absent. One aspect that may be of concern for some is mild suppression. This can easily be countered via a small PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) then using Hcgenerate ES at the very end of the cycle.

Those who have reported side effects with the supplement are usually the ones who purchased fake or under-dosed versions of the drug. These unverified substances are frequently laced with pro-hormones. Therefore, it’s essential for one to purchase Ligandrol from a trustworthy source.

Half-life and Doping

Ligandrol has a reported half-life of 30 hours. So, dosing it once daily is more than enough to acquire its benefits. The product’s time of detection is still unclear, but according to the latest reports, it’s speculated to be around 4 to 6 weeks.

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) considers Ligandrol to be a banned substance. The same goes for some local and international sports organizations. One should never use the compound in competitive sports since taking it is an act of cheating.

A number of professional athletes were penalized for taking a supplement like Ligandrol. Some of these sports figures were either removed from the league they played for or incurred suspensions ranging from a few games to one full year.

Source of Purchase

Ligandrol is becoming more difficult to fund due to the latest crackdowns made by card payment processors in the U.S. Currently, the drug is still in the gray area of the law. That means, users can still acquire the substance since no law has been passed in banning the drug.

To get the purest form of Ligandrol available, always purchase from an approved source.

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