Does Cardarine Prevent Muscle Loss?

  • calender May 06, 2019
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Does Cardarine Prevent Muscle Loss?

Muscle loss can happen during any phase of your workout program. It is mostly due to overtraining, lack of sleep, as well as severe calorie deficit. Athletes and bodybuilders noted the potential of SARMs for strength boosting, fat burning, and muscle building. But can Cardarine prevent muscle loss?

How does Cardarine work?

Cardarine is one of the popular compounds categorized as a SARM. However, its mechanism of action is different. SARMs target select androgen receptors and modify their function to increase the action of testosterone in muscle growth and fat oxidation. Cardarine works almost the same way as SARMs but in a different manner. Instead of targeting androgen receptors, Cardarine binds to PPARδ (PPAR-delta) to help your body gain muscle and burn fat faster.

How does Cardarine prevent muscle loss?

Cardarine can be considered your all-around compound since you can use it during bulking, cutting, and off-cycling phases. Although it does not add bulk as other SARMs do, it’s often added to stacks because of its capability of preventing the onset of catabolism. Here are the methods of how GW-501516 Cardarine is able to prevent loss of muscle.

Boosts stamina

When you have too much going on during a calorie deficit, you’ll be sorely tempted to shorten your training or just skip it for the day. You simply don’t have enough energy to complete your reps, so maybe it’s okay if you’re packing up and head home? Unfortunately, extended rest periods from your training can lead to muscle breakdown.

Cardarine was able to boost the physical performance of lab mice. Some even reported increasing their reps and extending their run without feeling winded. This is due to the increased metabolism of fats. The result is an increase in energy uptake that allows you to boost your reps and cardio deeper. You’ll be able to push through your training without spending too much time in between rest during your cutting cycle.

Enhance blood flow

Cardarine can help lower inflammation and prevent tissue damage in blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide levels. The compound is also capable of promoting angiomyogenesis, as observed in lab studies in rats. In researchers, anecdotal reports state of increased vascularity and dilation of your blood vessels during their GW-501516 cycle.

This improved blood supply delivers more nutrients and oxygen to muscle fibers, enhancing muscle contractility and protein synthesis. This is especially helpful for old individuals who experience muscle wasting due to arterial compromise.

Suppress inflammation

Cardarine can block genes that are involved in the inflammatory processes. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are mostly found in chronic disorders that result in skeletal muscle atrophy. Research also revealed that inflammation could compromise myogenesis and protein synthesis. Administration of Cardarine GW-501516 resulted in reduced inflammation by inhibiting the action of κB (NF‐κB), STATs and activator protein‐1.

Tissue recovery

Cardarine helps boost liver function by decreasing inflammation and increased insulin sensitivity. With enhanced liver function as well as increased oxygen delivery in muscle tissue, your recovery time is considerably decreased. This means your muscle repair is shorter, helping you improve your defense against muscle wasting.

Muscle loss is not something that you have to deal with. By taking Cardarine with your cycle, you’ll be able to help prevent this from occurring no matter what phase you are in your workout. Its anabolic properties stem through its effect on delivering energy directly to muscle fibers at a cellular level.

The best way to gain from Cardarine is to follow the recommended dose and cycle. You should only take Cardarine 10mg-20mg per day, starting in a low dose. Although you can use GW-501516 in all cycles, we recommend that you only use Cardarine for 4-12 weeks, with 8 weeks as the sweet cycle length for its effectivity.

What made you consider Cardarine to help prevent muscle loss? What’s your experience with your cycle and workout that made you feel like you’re experiencing muscle wasting? Please share your story in our comment section!

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