How Does Cardarine Work?

For the past several years, everyone has seen a flood of physical-enhancing and performance drugs hitting the crowded market. One of these is a standout drug offering versatility and uniqueness. The name of that drug is Cardarine or GW 501516.

Widely labelled as a SARM, this drug doesn’t belong in such class. It has zero influence on one’s sex hormones nor does it trigger any imbalance on one’s sexuality. This makes the drug a perfect option for athletes who don’t ordinarily take performance-enhancing drugs associated with the stigma seen in SARMs and steroids.

Cardarine: What is It?

Caradarine was developed originally by two pharmaceutical collaborators, GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. The latter was responsible for creating Ligandrol, another widely known performance-enhancing compound.

To its core, this drug is intended for both medical and physical-enhancing purposes. It was intentionally made as a potential form of treatment for individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome and dyslipidemia. In a natural sense, anything responsible for increasing fat-burning abilities has the potential in treating such conditions.

Scientific studies have shown that Cardarine is responsible for minimizing the build-up of fatty acid and significantly improving cholesterol levels. This is due to its mode of action involving an increase in fatty acid metabolism. With its properties, it led to a huge following of bodybuilders and professional athletes in burning fat further and extending physical performance.

How It Works

Cardarine is known to be aδ (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor-delta) agonist. PPARδ happens to be a nuclear hormone receptor. It’s responsible for regulating essential processes and function of the body which includes fatty acid metabolism. This agonist tweaks our bodies in such a manner that our bodies can release energy by converting fatty acids into the main source of fuel instead of the glucose sourced from carbohydrates.

Normally, glucose is a typical energy source since it’s a lot simpler in deriving energy from amino acids or fatty acids. The human body avoids making use of protein as the primary energy source. It’ll only focus on fatty acids as a source of energy when there are low levels of glycogen (seen when an individual is fasting).

Being a PPARδ agonist, Cardarine re-engineers the human body to make fatty acids as the primary source of fuel. It’s no wonder why athletes and bodybuilders all over the world are widely using this drug.


It’s a definite fact that Cardarine is capable of burning fats. It also enhances one’s endurance ability. Thing is, such claims aren’t completely based on scientific studies. It’s more of claims made by users from all over the world.

Results to Expect

Assuming one is taking the drug for several weeks, Cardarine should be a big help in burning extra fats. It’s difficult to determine how much fat is being burned since there’s no direct scientific study for that of fat loss components such as Clenbuteral or Ephredine. Its mechanism is completely different compared to those in typical fat-burning supplements.

Results to be expected from taking this drug includes some degree of fats lost. But the fats lost will ultimately depend on one’s dosage intake and how long the drug has been taken.
It’s important to take note that Cardarine isn’t a SARM. It doesn’t influence hormones such as Testosterone and Estrogen. Therefore, it requires zero cycling. But it still appears as if there are a lot of people cycling it every few months.

Many love using this drug despite the lack of scientific research done on humans in terms of endurance and fatty loss. A lot of people feel Cardarine definitely has that kick that makes it a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders.


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