Cardarine Health Benefits

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Cardarine Health Benefits

Cardarine (or GW 501516) is a known peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARδ) receptor agonist. Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline collaborated in the 1990s to create the drug to help treat metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. During the course of the testing, individuals who used the drug noticed enhanced endurance levels and improved stamina during a cardio workout. As a result, the drug gained popularity among sports enthusiast, bodybuilders as well as athletes.

However, Cardarine is more than just for bulking and losing fat. You can get other usefull Cardarine health benefits as you continue with your regimen.

Burns fats

A study with 13 men with Dyspilidemia (high lipid profile) and belly fat showed a decrease in triglycerides, fatty acids, and VDLD. However, there was an increase in HDL, which is your good cholesterol for reducing LDL and VDLD levels. Cardarine also boosts your body’s ability to use fats as its energy source through activation of carnitine.

Reduces obesity

Cardarine helps control obesity by reducing the manifestations of metabolic disorders. It helps in lowering liver fat, body fats, and triglycerides that cause obesity. It aids in halting the activity of inflammatory substances which can help improve obesity due to insulin resistance.

Promotes heart and blood vessel health

People suffering from heart disease can benefit from using GW 501516 because of its ability to increase the production of new blood vessels in the heart. The proper dosage of Cardanine also showed potential in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis through different pathways. It helps reduce blood lipid levels and prevent inflammation of blood vessel walls.

Cardarine helped reduce central body fat in 13 male test volunteers.

Protects against kidney disease

There’s a noted reduction in kidney inflammation on a lab experiment with mice. Cardinine lowers MCP-1 expression, a type of protein that can potentially increase the severity of kidney disease.

Reduces inflammation

A lab test in rats showed that GW 501516 prevented the production of inflammatory genes such as TAK1, NFκB, as well as inhibiting the TAK1–NFκB pathway. Through this inhibitory action, Cardarine could potentially boost wound healing process by promoting skin cell renewal.

Helps prevent liver damage

Cardarine research shows that it boosts utilization of fatty acids in the liver as its source of energy. This effectively decreases the load on the liver and enhances reduction in blood sugar levels. Potentially, Cardarine can inhibit interleukin (IL-6) production, preventing insulin resistance in liver cells.

Protects the brain

Your brain gains protection from damage due to Cardarine’s ability to boost and preserve cardiovascular function. Some studies show GW 501516 may help with neural growth and development. Its presence in VSMC’s can prevent ischemic brain injury through inhibition of MMP-9 activation as well as reduction of post-ischemic inflammation.

Risks of Using Cardarine

Use of Cardarine does come with potential risks and side effects. Further studies on the impact of GW 501516 are put into a halt due to the detection of cancer cells in lab rats in mice. However, there’s a strong doubt on this study because the animal subjects were exposed to unnaturally massive doses of Cardarine. Based on this study, Cardarine is known to cause increased cellular death in liver cells as well as fibrosis in liver disease.

Prolonged intake of Cardarine can also cause potential complications in pregnant women, particularly in fetal and placental development. Use only the recommended dose and duration to lessen the risk of side effects.

Taking Cardarine improves your recovery time, hasten fat loss, and gives you an overall sense of wellbeing. By using it along with your chosen SARM, Cardarine is the ultimate performance enhancer.

How do you use Cardarine and what’s your goal? Please share your story in the comment section!

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