Cardarine Fat Loss Cycle: Losing Weight with SARMs

  • calender Apr 17, 2019
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Cardarine Fat Loss Cycle: Losing Weight with SARMs

Cardarine (GW-501516) is one of the popular SARM for cutting. Aside from boosting endurance, it increases your metabolic rate naturally. As a result, it gives you that “polished” look that you see in many professional bodybuilders. Professional athletes prefer to use Cardarine during their cutting cycle because it helps you lose fat without going into catabolism.

Cardarine fat loss cycle

Professionals cycle Cardarine between 4-12 weeks, while others report running it up to 14 weeks. However, the optimum cycle for fat loss and endurance for Cardarine is for 8 weeks. Afterward, cycle off for 4-6 weeks to help your body adjust to the changes. This is also to help remove any unwanted side effects.

cardarine fat loss cycle table

A short and low-dose cycle is ideal for those who wish to maintain specific and targeted body weight. Some report experiencing fat loss effects after a 4-5 week cycle. You can extend your cycle if you desire for greater fat loss and increased endurance.

The table above shows the recommended cycle and dosage. Carefully observe how your body responds to the compound and adjust the dose accordingly. It’s best to start low then gradually increase your intake, rather than tapering off from a high dose.

Since Cardarine has a 16-24 hour half-life, so it’s to split your intake to 2-3 times a day for higher doses. If you’re taking 20 mg/day, take 10 mg once every 10-12 hours.

Boost your Cardarine fat loss cycle by increasing the amount of good-quality protein in your diet. PCT is not generally needed with GW-501516 unless you stack it with other SARMs.

Why you should I cycle Cardarine?

Cardarine is not a naturally occurring compound in your body. What it does is it alters the action of your receptors, pushing your body beyond its physiological limits. Technically speaking, Cardarine is not a SARM, but a selective PPARδ receptor agonist. Its presence signals the liver to shift from glucose to fatty acids as its source of energy.

Hence, second to suffering side effects, building tolerance is the main reason why you need to perform cycling. Just like any other compound that you take, your body will eventually develop tolerance or immunity to Cardarine after prolonged use. You won’t be feeling the same effects of Cardarine the same way that you had on your first intake. Eventually, your body will stop responding to GW-501516 no matter what dose you take. Also, since it’s causing your receptors to work differently, you may potentially damage the receptor’s function if you do not cycle Cardarine.

Cycling with Cardarine has several benefits such as reduced recovery time and increases strength. Although very few to none have reported feeling side effects when taking Cardarine, caution is advised when taking this compound. Do not exceed beyond the recommended dosage and cycling to minimize risks of side effects.

What made you interested in knowing about Cardarine for fat loss? Do you have a specific target in mind? How much weight do you intend to shed with Cardarine? Please feel free to share your goals in our comment section!

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