Cardarine – What Are the Benefits & Side Effects

Cardarine is the purest form of GW501516. It is a chemical supplement that offers a number of health benefits like protecting heart and brain to improve muscle growth. Also, it binds and activates the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor (PPAR delta) which is a transcription factor or a protein that increases the appearance of many genes. PPAR a activation helps in improving metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Health Benefits of Cardarine

Cardarine Prevents Obesity

Cardarine helps in activating PPAR a that breaks down fatty acid and increase muscle’s energy expenditure, which is very effective to treat obesity. Also, it helps in protecting weight gain because of diet. Cardarine reduces the output of glucose by the liver and increases insulin sensitivity in mice.

Beneficial for Heart

GW 501516 helps in preventing oxidative damage in the heart. It reduces severity and risk of atherosclerosis through various mechanisms and increases the levels of nitric oxide that protects against atherosclerosis. Also, it reduces inflammation and lesions connected with atherosclerosis in mice.
Cardarine increases VEGF production from human blood vessel cells that activates the formation of blood and cell vessel. It results in increase of HDL cholesterol and decrease in animal studies, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular ailments in patients potentially.

Protective for Kidney

GW 501516 protects kidney cells as well. In mice, it was revealed to inhibit inflammation in kidney cells and protect them against any kidney disease. It happens by lowering MCP-1 expression in those with kidney illness.

Boost Immune System

Cardarine is linked with inflammation suppression. Stimulated PPAR a suppresses inflammation in animals liver by restraining molecules that give inflammatory responses. Also, PPAR a guards precise skin cells against enduring spontaneous cell death during the process of wound healing.

Protects against Liver Damage

GW 501516 activates PPAR that allow liver to move its energy source from glucose to fatty acid result in reducing the level of blood sugar. In mice, this chemical inhibits IL-6 that helps in the prevention of insulin resistance in liver cells. By using it for short-term, it can reverse liver damage because of a high fructose diet.

Boosts Muscle Growth and Enhances Stamina

GW 501516 helps to boost muscle growth and enhance stamina. Because of these reasons, this is the foremost choice of many fitness buffs and cardio enthusiastic. GW 501516 is often used with actual SARMs and also consider as the most effective supplement when stacked with Ostarine (MK-2866) and Andarine (S-4).

Beneficial for Brain

Oxidative stress occurs when the body is not detoxifying itself from free radicals successfully. It targets the brain more often and manifests in mental and physical ways. However, oxidative and emotional stress has been notionally associated by different researchers. The common symptoms of oxidative stress on the brain are memory loss, disorientation, confusion, and brain fog. People with autoimmune disorders are more prone to these symptoms. Although, there are a few evidences that prove that Cardarine can protect blood vessels in the brain from oxidative stress. When it activates PPAR a, nerve cells development increases.

Potential Side Effects of Cardarine

Cardarine comes with several notable potential risks as well as side effects. These are based on studies conducted on lab rats and mice. However, there are still risks for human who take GW 501516 or thinking to ingest it.

  • It can increase the number of cellular deaths in liver cells.
  •  It can cause fibrosis in those suffering from liver disease
  • It has been a reason to cause cancer in laboratory rats and mice, however, not many studies proved this.
  •  Long-standing exposure to Cardarine can lead to complications in terms of fetal and placental development.

A study claims that using Cardarine for a prolonged time period results in colon cancer because of cell proliferation; although, there are a few severe doubts regarding this study because of dosage quantity and the sample size is given to the mice. The dosage of GW 501516 is far more as compared to the one used in previous studies. However, more research studies cited just the opposite of it. They have shown that GW 501516 can prevent cardiovascular diseases
and shrink tumours.

Ending Note

In many studies, it has been shown that GW 501516 is very useful for fat loss. It protects muscle from higher endurance, catabolism, and improve overall performance. When stacking it with other supplements, it fastens the results and adverse your fitness goals. If you are looking for an effective way to increase muscular performance and endurance without giving up mass then Cardarine is the right supplement for you. It is an amazing product for obese as it helps them to reduce weight and burn fat. It is usually sold as a bodybuilding supplement, but also useful for other medical uses. However, while buying it, make sure to buy it from a reputable supplier who supplies quality products.

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