Cardarine and Muscle Gain

  • calender Apr 06, 2019
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Cardarine and Muscle Gain

Cardarine (GW 501516) is a PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) activator, although it’s commonly categorized as SARM. Regardless of the difference in activity, Cardarine is an impressive compound for bulking or building muscular tissue. Bodybuilders often take GW-501516 because of its ability to reduce fat, providing users with a sculpted muscular appearance. Benefits of Cardarine include:

  • Increased endurance
  • Increased HDL
  • Decreased LDL
  • Improved mental focus

Cardarine mechanism of action

Cardarine acts by binding to PPAR’s and triggers them to target thyroid hormones promoting better digestion of fats. Research also showed it increases oxygen usage of muscle fibers, directly improving endurance. Cardarine also activates AMPK, which promotes fatty acid oxidation, glucose transport, glycolysis, and protein synthesis.

How Cardarine builds muscle

There are two types of muscle fibers:

Using Cardarine is known to increase mitochondrial growth by 50%. Mice testing showed that PPARδ drives the formation of functional Type I muscle fibers. The result is enhanced physical performance and decreased the likelihood of obesity. A separate study showed that mice that were given Cardarine ran twice the length as the control group, showing an increase in stamina. There was also faster recovery in muscle tissues and neurotransmitters as PPARδ stimulates muscles to burn fat.

How to use Cardarine for muscle gain

You can use Cardarine on its own for bulking. Scientific tests suggest that you take 20mg of Cardarine daily. If you’re using it for the first time, start with 10mg to help your body adjust to the effects of Cardarine. Increase the dose gradually until you reach the recommended dosage of 20mg.

Cardarine’s half-life is 20-24 hours. You can take your daily allowance of Cardarine in a single dose, or split it into two doses: 10 mg in the morning, and another 10 mg in the evening. You can take it either on a full or empty stomach without risk of getting an upset stomach discomfort.

Get the most out of Cardarine by pairing it with your ketogenic diet. You can also stack GW-501516 with Andarine (S4) during your bulking cycle.

Also, using Cardarine during your cutting cycle can help you get that needed energy boost.  This can be to your advantage when you’re feeling down due to low caloric intake. Cardarine helps you avoid crashes and lethargy as your body adjusts to the forced caloric deficit. There’s no muscle loss, and you burn fats faster because Cardarine enhances fat metabolism.

Only take the recommended dosage of Cardarine for muscle bulking in order to reduce and prevent the risk of side effects. These can include potential liver damage, stomach cramping, constipation, and/or diarrhea. Fortunately, there’s no PCT required after the cycle, so the digestive discomfort should resolve once Cardarine is out of your system.

Do you use Cardarine for bulking? What did it do for you during your bulking cycle? Please share your experience and tips in the comment section!

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