GW-501516 – Cardarine

Cardarine (GW-501516) is a type of research chemical that binds to the receptor of Peroxisome Proliferator–Activated Receptor (PPAR). It was created by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and Glaxo Smith Kline in 1992 with an aim to prevent and cure tumour build-up in breasts, prostate, and colon. It is considered as the purest form of GW-501506. When fastening to the PPAR receptor, it was discovered that Cardarine recruits the coactivator PGC-1 a enzyme that increases genes appearance in the energy expenditure.

Cardarine- Experiment Results

When experimenting Cardarine on rats, it was shown that there was augmented fatty acid metabolism and enlarged protection from type-2 diabetes. Also, while maintaining a high-fat diet, these rats had lost weight, therefore it proves that it could prevent obesity to a large extent and regardless of eating habits, it also helps in managing weight loss.

The other study was carried out on Rhesus monkeys. It results in increase good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases in bad cholesterol (LDL). The main cause of this effect was an increased appearance of cholesterol transporter ABCA1. Actually, Cardarine activates the same genetic pathways that are involved in that activity.

According to a study executed in the 2000s,, it was found that GW 501516 and other PPAR agonists help in restricting metabolic disorders like diabetes and obesity through particular gene expressions. With the continuance of research growth, bodybuilders are considering it an ultimate stamina recovery. The ability of Cardarine is to burn off extra fatty tissue, increase endurance and enhance recovery that has made this product a staple in every PCT and cycle of athletes. In the past 20 years, there are no visible side effects found and that is the reason, this research chemical (Cardarine) has become the first choice of many sportsmen and athletics across the globe.

Cardarine- Uses

Cardarine offers many benefits but used for two special purposes. If you want to get lean, or you are a cardio junkie, then it will help you to increase your run time, feel energized longer and extend your weight lifting session. The two major uses to Cardarine are

Recovery Increase and Extreme Amount of Endurance

Cardarine offers a number of endurance benefits. In scientific studies, it has been stated that GW not only increases endurance but when you use it, you’ll get amazing results. In 2009, Cardarine was banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Association) as it provided benefits to the users in their competition. Also, it provides an incessant increase in the VO2MAX that aids in providing a maximum output during the workout and therefore, it is known as ‘ The Ultimate Performer Enhancer.

Fat loss

Another main reason why people like Cardarine is for fat loss. It makes fat loss easier without  any catabolic effects that most of the drugs and fat burners have while trimming extra fat. GW is a non-catabolic which means it helps a user to lose weight without sacrificing any muscle. The user can also stack Cardarine with S4 and Ostarine to add lean muscle along with losing body fat and losing weight. For fat loss, the optimal dosage is 20mg/day and for receiving more benefits, you can increase the dosage up to 10mg/day.

Cardarine- Dosage Timing

Because Cardarine has a very long half-life, so it can split 12 hours apart or can be dosed once a day. To get effective results, you can take it 30 minutes before working out. Dosing it in the morning can be very effective and if you are planning to take split dosage then 10-12 hour splits are most favorable. It is recommended to use 20 mg/day for 8-12 weeks to get visible results. However, it is a banned substance in a few sports, so it is highly recommended to use it
carefully in case you are a tested athlete.

Cardarine- Benefits

Cardarine also offers benefits in both fat oxidation and endurance at 10-15 mg every day for a principle 8-week cycle. GW-501516 helps in cholesterol improvement as it was actually formulated to treat people suffering from cholesterol issues. It proved very effective to increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing bad cholesterol (LDL). The other benefits include:

  • Excess fat melting
  • Excellent energy
  • Less Side Effects
  • Stacks well with other chemicals or drugs
  • Non-catabolic
  • Immediate noticeable results after first dose
  • Used to cure obesity by using fat stores for energy other than Carbohydrates

Cardarine- Side Effects

Cardarine is free from virtual side effects. However, there are a few studies that show an increase in cancer rate, but in mice, not in humans, but these studies were carried out a long time ago with extreme doses that was highly not recommended for a human. Also, one should avoid taking excessive pills because excessive of any drug or chemical can be dangerous. In a few studies, it has been stated that there is no other significant connection to cancer and it also decreases the size of a tumour.

Cardarine- How it Works?

Cardarine or GW-501516 helps in stimulating skeletal muscle tissue and glucose uptake. It burns excessive fat from the muscles by stimulating fatty acid oxidation. As a potential treatment for obesity, it has been recommended that it has the ability to melt fat rapidly. GW510516, a PPARd agonist retracts a number of abnormalities connected with the metabolic syndrome without escalating oxidative stress. The effects are cased due to increased fat oxidation in the skeletal muscle.

Concluding Words

In summary, the individual components of metabolic syndrome are separately treated for instance; metformin & thiazolidinediones are used for hyperglycemia, Fibrates are used to reduce triglycerides and statins are used for high cholesterol. There are many positive effects of Cardarine for the treatment of obesity, insulin resistance, liver fat accumulation and treatment of hyperlipidemia.
After a precise research on Cardarine, we have come to a conclusion that this drug is the king of all fat burners available till date and also a champ of endurance supplements. Most professional bodybuilders and athletes simply lack cardio levels and endurance to get desired results. Also, it helps in adding lean mass while reducing body fat, which is yet another accomplishment of this research chemical.