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S9009: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

S9009 is an experimental drug that has been categorized as an anti-Rev-ErbA. In a technical sense, it’s not a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Manipulator). Yet, it’s frequently stacked with SARMs and sold by online/offline sellers who are also selling SARMs. It’s part of the reason why many have mistaken this drug as a SARM. This…
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Benefits and Side-Effects of S9009

SR9009, otherwise known as Stenabolic, is an experimental drug made for studying the circadian rhythm. This drug is known for increasing endurance, minimizing cholesterol levels, decreasing anxiety, promoting weight loss, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, these effects have only been officially observed in mice experiments. If these effects are replicated to human users, it would…
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How Does S9009 Really Work?

While the drug is in the same family as SARMs, SR9009 or otherwise known as Stenabolic, is a Rev-ErbA ligand. That basically means it’s capable of pro-actively binding to this particular protein. This would result in the user to feel its benefits including improved physical endurance, loss of fats, and others. What’s interesting with this…
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Top 5 Places to Buy S9009 Online

S9009, or generally labelled as Stenabolic, was made by Thomas Burns, a professor in Scripps Research Institute. The supplement can only be taken by mouth. Its chemical structure is rather unique since it’s capable of stimulating the Rev-Erb protein. As a result, it can significantly influence a majority of the body’s regulatory system. That means…
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S4 Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

S4 is a supplement that belongs under the SARMs class (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). This particular group of drugs mimic the function seen in anabolic steroids. The biggest difference is, these drugs won’t trigger any harmful effects. When the S4 was made, the intention of the makers was to utilize it for medical purposes. It…
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