YK11: What Gains to Expect

  • calender Mar 20, 2018
  • author by Richard
YK11: What Gains to Expect

In the era of bodybuilding, SARMs (Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators) is becoming a popular option. They give users some much-needed fat-loss and muscle gain benefits similar to that of steroids. The difference maker here is that unlike steroids, it virtually doesn’t offer level of adverse effects. SARMs tend to be more selective when getting the androgen receptors activated to help with the loss of fats and making muscle gains, unlike that of steroids.

Androgen and Myostatin Inhibitor

Being a powerful androgen with limited adverse effects, the YK11 also functions as a highly effective myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein that restricts the production as well as growth of a muscle tissue. By preventing the myostatin from being triggered, one can increase the potential in building more muscle tissue.


The supplement does its job by binding itself to an androgen receptor. This would lead the cells within the muscles to produce anabolic factors. In turn, this would lead to increased muscle growth. Unlike that of its SARM siblings, the YK11 performs several times better and with lesser adverse effects.

In previous studies, the influential effects of the supplement on cells within the muscles were a lot of higher. It was observed that muscle cells have a tendency to produce anabolic components when exposed to YK11 than when directly exposed to testosterone.

Positive Effects

One of the biggest upsides with the supplement is its “before” and “after” results. It’s capable of changing one’s body in generating muscle by increasing the amount of muscle which can further be added. This happens due to the chemical preventing myostatin from producing. Myostatin is naturally responsible for inhibiting the growth of muscles. When myostatin is prevented from inhibiting muscle growth, the body now has more wiggle room to add lean tissue with ease.

The effect it has on muscular growth is so noticeable that the YK11 is even said to resemble that of testosterone but exceeding beyond just limiting the typical adverse effects seen in steroids. Aside from being a powerful muscle builder, the supplement is capable of delivering other noteworthy benefits including quick recovery and no water retention.

YK11: Before and After

Dosage and Results

Dosage may vary with YK11. But the obvious results will likely depend on one’s dietary regimen and how hard one trains. If one is running an average of 10mg dose per day, it’s expected to achieve certain gains.

For instance, when it comes to bulking cycles, one will expect gains of anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds of muscle within 8 weeks. Expect very little fat gained if one is on a good diet with high protein intake.

When it comes to cutting on a 10mg daily dose (for 8 weeks), expect gains of 5 to 15 pounds of muscle with 5 to 15 pounds of average fat loss. Calories should be kept anywhere from 500 to 1,000 during the cutting cycle.

Comparing to Other SARMs

YK11 does its job by linking selectively to androgen receptors within the bones and muscles similar that of SARMs. This is why some have assumed it’s a SARM. After it links with the androgen receptors, it immediately performs a selective anabolic activity which leads to lean muscle gains. It also appears to produce dry gains with less water-retention unlike other SARMs known for their “wetness.”

Keep in mind that the chemical composition of YK11 has a significant difference from other SARMs. As a matter of fact, it closely resembles that of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). An accurate way of describing the chemical is that it’s a SARM derivative.

Follistatin Influence

If there’s one thing that’s sure with the supplement is its unique effect with the production of Follistatin. It’s believed to increase Follistatin levels several more times higher compared to conventional steroids that automatically converts to DHT.

YK11 isn’t exactly worse or an improved version of SARMs. The reason why this came to be the case is due to its unique process in promoting muscle growth. The supplement is an excellent stacking option for anyone looking to increase their strength and definition. It’s deemed safe and makes for a fantastic cycle base.


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