Which SARM Is for Me?

  • calender May 18, 2018
  • author by Richard
Which SARM Is for Me?

SARMS or otherwise referred to as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are a new class of drugs that directly attaches to the body’s androgen receptors. Androgen receptors are typically involved in the internal mechanisms that lead to the expression of certain genes. Prohormones and steroids have properties that induce the building of muscles by attaching themselves to androgen receptors just like that of SARMs.

Notable Benefits

SARMs has the ability harness the same benefits of steroids while having minimal or no adverse effects. They have an edge when it comes to dosage compared to steroids and prohormones.

For the fitness buff or athlete, SARMs can be utilized with steroids or as a standalone product for a wide range of uses: These include:

  • Facilitating the growth of lean muscle.
  • Curbing loss of muscle during cutting.
  • Healing certain injured parts of the body.
  • Curbing aging signs.
  • Promoting enhanced endurance.
  • Use in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after steroid use.

Choosing a SARM

Each SARM has their own unique properties that aid in promoting one’s desired physical attributes. Here are some recommended uses for SARMs:

For bulking:

If one is looking to gain lean muscle mass, then it’s recommended to stick with LGD-4033 for eight consecutive weeks with an average dose of 10mg per day. This would lead to around 5kg of lean muscle mass gains.

YK-11 works great when stacked with any muscle-building product. It functions by halting a specific protein known as myostatin. Myostatin prevents the development of muscles. That means one can increase the amount of muscles in the body to make muscle-building SARMs like LGD-4033 to be twice as effective.

MK-677 also functions to boost the body’s production of GH (Growth Hormone). This makes it ideal for bulking with an average intake 25mg per day for 10 to 12 consecutive weeks.

For cutting:

If one is in need of cutting down body fat while preserving lean muscle mass gains, then it’s recommended to go for GW-501516 for eight consecutive weeks with a daily dose of 20mg. Such intake can lead to excellent cutting. The drug also has the benefit of offering improved endurance. As a matter of fact, GW-501516 has been widely called the “king of endurance supplements.”

Another fantastic addition to add to the drug is S4. The combination can help reduce LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase), an enzyme responsible for the accumulation of lipids.

For strength:

S4 works similarly to the DHT-derived steroids. The effect of its strength gains is higher than muscular gains. If one is in need of increased strength without having to gain weight, the S4 is a perfect companion.

The drug can be utilized for eight consecutive weeks with a daily dose of 50mg per day to achieve the desired results.

For additional muscle accompanied with increased strength, one should only settle for MK-677.

For lean muscle gains:

The effect of recomping in fat loss and muscle gains is something that most fitness buffs are after. MK-2866 has such ability thanks to its anabolic benefits and partitioning of nutrients. For desired recomping effects, a dosage of 12.5 to 25mg should be taken for eight consecutive weeks.

The S4 can be stacked with GW 501516 to achieve lean muscle gains. The great thing with these is that both can be used in a number of ways. Workout training and diet will also help dictate the results when taking both supplements.

For healing injuries:

MK-2866 is also known for its healing properties. It does an excellent job of rehabilitating injuries in different areas of the body including the bones and tendons.

It’s recommended to take 12.5mg of dosage of this supplement on a daily basis. Improvement of the joints can be observed in as little as eight days.

When it comes to excellent healing properties, the MK-677 is the best SARM to go for. Its rapid and complete healing process is due to its ability to increase IGF levels in both the bones and joints.

Safe and Effective

SARMs provides a number of health benefits seen in traditional steroids. They help promote an increase in muscle mass, bone density, and fat loss. The great thing with these drugs is that they’re absolutely safe to use and they don’t come with adverse effects the steroid users fall prey to.

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