What People Are Saying About MK-677

  • calender Mar 30, 2018
  • author by Richard
What People Are Saying About MK-677

Whenever people make inquiries that always requires definite answers, they tend look them up online. One of the most popular sites that people go to is Reddit. It’s basically an online community that offers information on just about anything whether it’s the latest weather to fixing things to SARMs.

Currently, the most popular forums that talk anything and everything about SARMs are: PED’s, SARMs, Steroids, and SARMs Sources.

A lot of Redditors have plenty to say about MK-677, one of the standouts in the SARM family. This well-known supplement can help a user achieve muscle gains and other noteworthy benefits. In addition, such benefits come without any adverse effects. This makes the compound a more favorable option for anyone looking to avoid steroids or other drugs related to it.

How It Works

MK-677 is a SARM that can be taken orally.  It’s a GH (Growth Hormone) secretagogue intended to trigger the release of GHs from the pituitary gland. A secretagogue is a natural substance within the body that’s responsible for other substances to be secreted.

The supplement was made to initially treat those with specific health problems. It aids in the treatment and curbing of ailments including muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and obesity. Its known “side effects” as a result of long term use is the formation of lean body mass and increased IGF-l levels.

Other benefits acquired from utilizing the drug includes the trigger of somatostatin receptors, improved somatotroph signaling in GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones), enhancing GHRH production and release, and slowing down the activity of somatostatin within the body.


MK-677 contains a strikingly similar makeup of Ipamorelin and GHRP-6. Unlike that of similar compounds, the supplement can safely be taken orally. SARMs isn’t as toxic to the liver compared to that of anabolic steroids. The fact that it’s easy to use is one of its many upsides that one can acquire from utilizing it.

Users can make the most of the major changes happening in the body’s GH and IGF-1 levels during and after the cycles. It’s still important to keep in mind having the right dosage to attain its benefits without risking any adverse effects.

Possible Side Effects

While the risk of side effects is minimal, some users have reported minor discomforts while making use of the supplement. These discomforts include slight lethargy, numbing of the hands, and increased appetite.

User Opinion

There have been plenty of users who have a lot to say about MK-677. One can easily head on over to Reddit and observe past and present accounts of users on the supplement. One particular user based in Canada recorded his 100 + day journey with the compound. He posted his experience in great details and took note of details from other users. The user highlighted the side effects, upsides, and personal thoughts of utilizing the product.

The Redditor went even far saying that while MK-677 is an incredible supplement, it’s not something that would suit everyone. However, it’s still a nice option for anyone looking to have that ripped body paired with regular workout and a healthy diet.

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