Top 5 Places to Buy S4 Online

  • calender Mar 04, 2018
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Top 5 Places to Buy S4 Online

S4, or otherwise referred to as Andarine, belongs under the SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) category. Since its introduction to the public, the supplement has grown exponentially over the years. Its surge in popularity may have plenty to do with its plethora of benefits that includes lean muscle mass preservation while eradicating stubborn fat stores in the body.

Research and Investigations

Researchers have found out that the S4, when tested on mice subjects, significantly increases calcium levels in bones as well as complete generation of lean muscle without negatively affecting the reproductive organs.

This happened to be one of the biggest things unearthed from the supplement. But still, more research had to be carried out after the initial results triggered excitement from the science community.

Another study was done which involved a group of human volunteers. These subjects suffered a degenerative muscle disorder of varying kinds. Over a period of several weeks, they were given a minimum daily dosage of S4.

The supplemnt went above and beyond what was expected. Results were visible in as early as two weeks. Throughout the clinical study, the volunteers were in a state where their muscle mass has completely regenerated.

Side Effects

Up until today, the S4 has yet to showcase any adverse effects from those who are using it. So far, it hasn’t shown any side effects that are normally seen in those taking traditional steroids. The reason is likely due to the supplement being an androgen receptor.

It should be noted that a bulk of the research needs to be accomplished in order to make a full assessment of the supplement’s impact for both the long and short term.

Other Notable Benefits

The S4 is seen to improve one’s ability in terms of strength and preserving gained lean muscle mass from a previous exercise or workout. It can also be utilized in building more muscle mass. But it should be noted that when it comes down to bulking, the supplement has one third of an impact compared to testosterone.

Yet, with such benefits and impact, further research is required to make a definite confirmation of the results.

The supplement is one powerful compound if one is aiming to cut down fats on the body. S4 is capable of shielding lean muscle mass for those who are cutting. This is deemed a huge advantage since muscle is saved the quicker one’s metabolism burns. Hence, one can easily shed off weight.

But the biggest benefitting factor with this SARM is that, according to one study, it’s able to hasten the loss of fats in the body.

Since S4 belongs under the SARM family, it can seek out and attaches itself to the androgen receptors within the muscles and body as opposed to the reproductive system. Thus, any negative effects as a result of steroid use is prevented.

Online Sellers

The S4 is widely available over the internet. The top 5 vendors known for selling this high-impact supplement are:

  1. Sarms Pharm
  2. Boss Peptides
  3. SarmStore1
  4. Maxim Peptides
  5. JW Supplements

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