The Popularity of LGD-4033

  • calender May 18, 2018
  • author by Richard
The Popularity of LGD-4033

SARMs or otherwise known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a class of drugs intended to offer anabolic benefits seen in traditional steroids. What makes them unique is their inability to possess estrogenic, androgenic, and cardiovascular side effects. That means no longer dealing with negative issues like bloating, enlarged breasts, prostate issues, abnormal hair growth or loss, acne breakouts, oily, skin, and etc..

Anabolic Potential

When it comes down to anabolic potential, LGD-4033 performed extremely well, which led to a large increase in muscle strength and muscle size within a short time span.  Based on numerous subjective accounts, users praised the drug for its positive effects ever since it was publicly released in the market.

Dosage and Timing

LGD-4033 faced no serious problems when studies were made to determine its negative effects in hematocrit, lipids, blood pressure, and hemoglobin. It should be taken into account that a dosage of more than 5mg per day could lead to a below-normal drop in HDL (good cholesterol levels). Although levels returned to normal after halting intake of the drug.

LGD-4033’s inability to negatively influence hematological health solidifies its reputation from inducing stroke or a heart attack —- an issue that a majority of users have to be careful with when dealing with traditional steroids.

The effects of the drug on testosterone levels appear varied. When doses are fall under 5mg per day, levels of testosterone appear to be within normal levels. When the dose is taken over 5mg per day, a slight decrease in testosterone levels can be observed.

Gains made with the compound are largely dosage-dependent. This allows the user to choose their preferred dose according to their requirements. Its half-life is estimated to be around 30 hours. This makes the drug ideal for daily intake when utilized at steady concentrations.

Liver Toxicity

Compared to a majority of oral steroids in the market, LGD-4033 doesn’t have methyl content. That means it’s not capable of causing liver toxicity unlike methylated steroids. This was confirmed when researchers made an evaluation on liver function when the baseline and mid-study was done. Results didn’t indicate any serious alteration in liver readings.

The advantage of this drug over conventional steroids is that it can easily be cycled for a long period of time without risking any fatal liver injury or dysfunction.


At some point in life, a majority of men will face an enlargement of their prostate and increased PSA level readings. For older men or those currently suffering from prostate issues, they’ll be thrilled to know that LGD-4033 doesn’t have direct influence on PSA levels. This is due to the drug’s preference of muscles instead of the prostate and other organs of the body.


The compound happens to have an anti-resorption effect within the bones. It does so by curbing the release of minerals back into the bloodstream. This can be a huge benefit for individuals suffering from osteoporosis.

Other Bodily Functions

LGD-4033 has no direct effect on one’s heart function, cortisol levels, and sebaceous glands.

Highly Recommended

All in all, LGD-4033 does what it’s supposed to do as a SARM: offering potent anabolic effects without any worrisome external or internal adverse effects. Due to its mild nature, it’s a fantastic drug for first-time users or those who are seeking ways to enhance their physique with reduced health risks.

The drug is ideal for women who want to have a trimmed body without undergoing any masculine-like effects seen in traditional steroids.

LGD-4033 can easily be stacked with a steroid or other SARMs to extensively boost the growth of muscles without putting body to unnecessary stress.

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