How Does S9009 Really Work?

  • calender Mar 08, 2018
  • author by Richard
How Does S9009 Really Work?

While the drug is in the same family as SARMs, SR9009 or otherwise known as Stenabolic, is a Rev-ErbA ligand. That basically means it’s capable of pro-actively binding to this particular protein. This would result in the user to feel its benefits including improved physical endurance, loss of fats, and others.

What’s interesting with this drug is that it’s one of latest advancements in the field of pharmacology. As a matter of fact, athletes from all over the world are already making use of it.

What Is It Really?

The SR9009 was created by a pharmaceutical company called Scripps Research Institute. Professor Thomas Burris was the lead scientist in creating this supplement.

Since the drug is a synthesized version of the Rev-ErbA ligand, it can be taken by mouth. When the Rev-ErbA is stimulated within the body, the SR9009 is capable of influencing a set of bodily mechanisms. For example, it has a direct influence on the metabolism of lipids and glucose, macrophages, fat-storing cells, and circadian rhythms.

Essentially, it lets the user lose fat quickly while enhancing endurance. Both of these are considered to be desirable in today’s athletes.

Mode of Action

When it attaches and activates the Rev-ErbA protein, the drug can trigger multiple processes within the body. One of them is a surge in mitochondria count within the muscles as well as significant improvement in metabolism.

As a result of the increasing number of mitochondria within the muscles, the user will observe a significant enhancement in terms of muscular strength and endurance. As a matter of fact, mice that were used in lab experiments were capable of running 50% more in time and distance when given the SR9009. This may likely be attributed to the mitochondria producing the needed energy within the body.

Thanks to the significant bump in macrophages present, non-functioning mitochondria are eradicated from the muscle and being replaced with newer versions.

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In addition, changes in metabolic rates will enhance the energy being released by as much as 5% even when the user is in a resting state. SR9009 continues to burn additional calories and prevents them from being converted into fatty deposits.

When this happens, along with improved glucose metabolism, fat is effectively burned off. This causes the body to function as if it’s still exercising constantly. That would mean less fats are housed in the system, lesser cholesterol cranked by the liver, and more glucose and fat burned by muscles.

Nevertheless, these aren’t just the only upsides seen with SR9009. As a matter of fact, studies done with the compound indicate that it decreases plasma triglycerides, overall cholesterol, plasma glucoses, and plasma insulin levels.

If that’s not enough, the drug does a tremendous job in minimizing a certain pro-inflammatory cytokine much as 70%. This is a huge benefit in minimizing inflammation.

Immense Potential

SR9009 is considered to be one of newest experimental drugs with a ton of benefits in today’s pharmacology. Not only does it have a plethora of health benefits, it also lacks harmful side effects.

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This new Rev-ErbA ligand will prove its usefulness in medicine in the future. As of the moment, this supplement has enjoyed tremendous success in enhancing physical performance.

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