S9009: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

  • calender Mar 08, 2018
  • author by Richard
S9009: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

S9009 is an experimental drug that has been categorized as an anti-Rev-ErbA. In a technical sense, it’s not a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Manipulator). Yet, it’s frequently stacked with SARMs and sold by online/offline sellers who are also selling SARMs. It’s part of the reason why many have mistaken this drug as a SARM.

This drug was made and spearheaded by Dr. Burris, who works at the Scripps Research Institute. At present, the drug is still in the development process in the hopes of improving physical endurance while keeping mitochondrial damage to a minimum.

Similar to that of steroids and SARMs, athletes have made use of S9009 as a drug that would improve performance to help them achieve their fitness goals and hopefully defeating their competition. So far, the supplement has sharply risen in popularity, most particularly in endurance and cross fit sports.


S9009 is an ideal addition to an AAS or SARMs stack since it not only inhibits the adverse effects, but it also gives added benefits to the user taking it. Such benefits include improved physical endurance and higher fat-burning ability all throughout the cycle. What’s more, the drug aids in balancing cholesterol levels normally seen in androgenic steroids. Aside from destroying lipids, androgenic steroids will also ruin one’s physical endurance. The inclusion of S9009 will minimize this undesirable effect from happening.

What’s interesting is that, aside from the cycles, the drug can be taken as a standalone product during PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) or in the middle of a bridge. In such scenarios, it’ll do its job in keeping off fat while letting one push harder on workouts. In the end, it’ll be easier to retain both conditioning and muscle mass achieved during the cycle.


S9009 can easily be taken in by both sexes within the recommended dosage of 10mg to 20mg daily. Be aware that there are other users who take it at higher doses. This could be attributed to the S9009 that were either under-dosed by the seller or came from a poor source.

When it comes to the dosing schedule, many recommend to split the dose twice daily: one in the morning and one in the evening, or taking the entire dose a couple or so hours before workout. When taking the supplement, ensure one is taking it with light food/snacks and water.

Safety Concerns

The S9009 is considered to be highly effective and safe. What’s more, users would be assured of having zero side effects.

The supplement is currently available in powder form. As a result of its high quality, it’ll meet user expectations in terms of effectiveness and delivering quick results. S9009 is one of the top bodybuilding supplements in the market offering top notch quality at an affordable price.

Legal Stand

S9009 is still in the middle of FDA testing. It has yet to receive official approval for public use. If it can’t be bought in the United States, one can purchase it from other countries. The main goal here is to make use of the drug for research purposes. At the moment, American residents can purchase S9009 from any state.

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