S4 vs MK-2866 Comparison and Breakdown

  • calender Apr 03, 2018
  • author by Richard
S4 vs MK-2866 Comparison and Breakdown

The S4 and MK-2866 are supplements that belong under the SARMs family with one goal in mind. Both were initially intended to treat those suffering from muscle wasting. While both were made for precisely the same reason, there are slight variations in each of the chemical structure.

In terms of human clinical trials and subjective research, the differences between both are made on a per-result basis. MK-2866 aids in improving body strength and bone density while the S4 is specifically aimed at preserving muscle mass for individuals who are undergoing a calorie deficit diet. Just like any other supplement, there are small risks involved in terms of side effects.

Impressive Results

While initially made for clinical purposes, both the S4 and MK-2866 offer impressive results. A survey consisting of more than a hundred users showed that nearly 99% of respondents saw immense improvements in terms of strength. A little over 80% saw noticeable loss of fats. It’s hardly any surprise how quickly these have risen into popularity as bodybuilding supplements.

However, the fact that they’re still in the gray area in terms of legality, these SARMs are only bought for research reasons.

Benefits and Risks

SARMs were manufactured since the number of steroids used for clinical purposes are currently limited. Steroids would usually target any receptor in the body, which can result to unhealthy consequences like developing an enlarged prostate, excessive hair growth, and other adverse effects.  On the other hand, SARMs operate on selective mechanism. They only target specific receptors within the body, mainly the bones and muscle receptors. They never reach other receptors that entail treatment

From the number of research studies carried out, the results remain consistent: low long-term risks.

SARMs have existed as early as the 1950s. Just recently, there’s mounting evidence that prove their potential in preserving muscle mass. A lot of supplement suppliers have cashed in on the craze leading to rave reviews from ordinary users, athletes, and bodybuilders all over the globe.

Suppression and Side Effects

Just like any drug that would artificially trigger a reaction of natural substances within the body, one may go through a short period of not producing ample amounts of certain bodily chemicals. In the case of S4 and MK-2866, it’s the limited production of natural testosterone.

Such “suppressed” testosterone production is only temporary.  Users would recover after a couple or so weeks once the “cycle” of intake is finished. A lot of research was made to prevent users from being immensely affected by such suppression actions from both supplements.  Fortunately, there are verified guidelines intended for SARMs users.

When the production of natural testosterone is suppressed, users would feel a little tired. For those taking MK-2866, some reported minor effects include an increase appetite and mild headaches. Those taking S4 may see a slight yellow tint around the eyes. All these side effects are temporary and will typically go away once users proceed deeper into the cycle.

Without a doubt, both the S4 and MK-2866 serve an important fitness purpose. The fact they can be used for medical reasons makes them all the more worth buying for the long term. While both belong to a widely known class of drugs, they’re widely touted as safe and effective.

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