RAD-140: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

  • calender Mar 04, 2018
  • author by Richard
RAD-140: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

If the main fitness aim is to increase muscle mass then one is expected to have spent a considerable amount of time in the gym doing weight training. If one is looking to shed weight, one is expected to be moving a ton of heavy loads and keeping a strict diet.

But being human, one has limitations. At some point in time, regardless of how one lifts weights or spend a lot of time training, there will be weight that one might be deemed too heavy to handle or running into a low-calorie threshold.

Developing muscle beyond such limitations or getting over a fat-loss plateau will force one to seek ways in increasing workout performance to make it past the restrictions and continue in the pursuit in increasing muscle mass. In this scenario, this is where SARM’s RAD-140 comes in.

A Powerful Supplement

RAD-140 is a supplement that’s considered to be highly potent. It’s a non-steroidal SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). That means it offers the same effects as that of anabolic steroids minus the adverse effects. This is due to the selective properties of the compound where it acts solely on muscle over other body tissues.

This SARM is capable of giving your body a slight testosterone boost. It communicates with the hormonal receptors within tissues in the same manner as testosterone would in generating anabolic effects. The only difference with RAD-140 is that it doesn’t have any harmful side effects often seen in users who take anabolics regularly. There’s less chances of suffering from cardiac arrest when takes RAD-140.

Based on a numerous fitness and bodybuilding forums, the supplement is reported to have enhanced anabolic characteristics compared to testosterone. It’s frequently utilized between steroid cycles for preserving muscle building or for promoting fat loss.

Intake and Dosage

A majority of RAD-140 products sold in the market are in liquid form that requires “dripping” it in one’s mouth by means of a glass or plastic dropper. This is ideal for those who desire the anabolic properties of testosterone without going through injections or topical pplication (creams/gels). There’s no need to worry about cramming a pill or tablet in one’s mouth.

When one takes in the RAD-140 in the mouth, ensure the product is swallowed first prior to finishing with a glass full of water. Please keep in mind that once the RAD-140 is opened, it needs to be utilized on that very same day it was opened.

Scientists and clinicians recommend to using RAD-140 at recommended doses. Typically, dosage levels should be anywhere from 20mg to 30mg. It’s not necessary to take the supplement for more than the 12-week cycle. After taking a break from it for 4 to 12 weeks, one can resume taking it.

Stacking and Cycling

Stacking and cycling are two ways that help fight off problems with muscle wasting, lean muscle gain resistance, or fatty-loss resistance. When stacking this supplement, one can do so with another SARM such as MK-677. When combined, one will notice an amplified effect.

Purchase and Legal Stand

One can purchase RAD-140 legally from certified and reputable chemical research organizations. Nevertheless, it’s only limited for research purposes. That means the drug can’t be officially sold over-the-counter for human intake.

While purchasing it is deemed legal, customs agents may feel suspicious of chemical research orders from outside the country. Hence, purchasing from a seller locally or from within the country is recommended.

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