MK-677: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

  • calender Mar 03, 2018
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MK-677: Dosage, Stacking, Cycling & Legality

MK-677, or otherwise known as Nutrabol, is a pharmaceutical drug that falls in between two drug groups: GSH (Growth Hormone Secretagogues) and SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). This drug was created by Reverse Pharmacology. Its original intention was to treat muscle wasting, obesity, and osteoporosis.

With such emphasis on treating elderly patients suffering from fractured hips, this drug has undergone multiple safety studies.


MK-677 functions by transporting signals to the brain’s pituitary gland. It tells it to release GH. It has a similar mechanism to peptides such as that of GHRP-6. Although it should be grouped with SARMs since it doesn’t specifically function in the same manner.

The drug also functions by boosting IGF-1 by as high as 90%. This boost helps offer a wide range of benefits which includes enhanced healing properties. The fitness community makes use of MK-677 stacks bulking and cutting to a greater effect. It’s a known drug due to its low pricing.

Stacking and Results

MK-677 is highly powerful since it can be utilized in bulking and cutting to a greater extent. A single cycle of the drug is capable of shedding a tremendous amount of fat while promoting an increase in lean muscle.

The drug is not known to have any official interactions with other drugs. Therefore, it can be taken with other compounds such as SARMs, anabolic steroids, and HCGs. If one is in need of making an MK-677 sta


MK-677 is widely known for those who aren’t into injectables. It’s perfect since intake can be made orally. That means no added toxicity to the liver or it won’t be metabolized too swiftly by the body.

The drug is currently available in both tablet and liquid form. Both can be stored at room temperatures, which make it idea for those who are frequently on the road.

Recommended Dosages

The recommended dosage for MK-677 is around 5mg to 25mg per day. This intake should be consistent all throughout the 10-week cycle. Dosage adjustments may be required in order to achieve better results. In certain scenarios, up to 50mg may need to be taken. Keep in mind that this isn’t the recommended route to take.

If the drug is taken in the form of liquid, it should be directly taken by mouth accompanied by water or juice. The drug should never be combined together prior to intake.

Market Value

Purchasing the drug online is hardly an issue due to its widespread use and rapid popularity. Going for an IGF-1 is a costly approach. But for a 90-day tablet supply of MK-667, it’s a far cheaper option since it’ll cost around $60.

Legality in the U.S.

Drugs like MK-667 are more than capable of delivering results. It can compete with anabolic steroids. MK-677 is never subjected to any federal restrictions or penalties.

Thanks largely to a loophole in American law, the drug can be sold and bought online for research purposes. While it has yet to receive an official license for human intake, it only be bough for research use.  This makes it possible to buy the drug without paying any fine or facing imprisonment.

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